Week of December 7, 2020 - Bars

Week of December 7, 2020 - Bars - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

At the start of the pandemic in April, online sales of alcohol and delivery sales saw an increase of ~441% in sales - that's a lot of cocktails! Customers are learning to take advantage of delivery apps and services that can have a bottle delivered straight to your front door, while restaurants and bars suffered huge losses among other industries.

December 10th brings us National Bartender Day, and instead of going out to your favorite bar to celebrate, why not bring the bar to you? We decided it was fitting to make this week’s top 5 designs all about home bars and drink-mixing stations, because everybody has the one chair or area of their house where they’re most comfortable sipping on some adult apple juice. Of course, if you have a favorite bar you used to go-to, it’s also a great time to maybe donate or shoot them an email, thanking them for the memories and wishing them well in their trying times. Pour one out for every bar and restaurant that was forced to close during the pandemic, but make sure you’re pouring it into the sink of your new home-bar. Check out our top 5 designs below!

1. Home Bar Inspiration

30 Chic Home Bar Ideas That'll Make You Want to Throw a Party, House Beautiful

Our first pick from our top 5 designs this week includes 30 home-bar inspirations, from simple to professional-grade. Whether you’re looking for a quick set-up to impress some arriving guests, or you’re looking to create a space that’ll never be overlooked, House Beautiful has you covered. Featuring some easy and chic tips, like adding a mirror backsplash above, to getting more complex as #3 shows, there’s tips and tricks for everyone. Regardless of size and/or budget, these 30 inspirations are a great place to start if you’re looking to create a similar space in your home! Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

2. Bars with Bold Taste


Our second pick of the week includes some truly astonishing works of interior design, while displaying some unique and chic home-bar designs. Shown above, a one-of-a-kind contemporary marble form Dodson Interiors, is a home-bar that appears to exist rather inside a 5-star restaurant than an actual residence, with the stunning collection of spirits, wide-variety, and of course the gorgeous marble that makes up the bar and surrounding area. However, not every one of these designs is fit for royalty, and there’s plenty of budget-conscious options such as #6, adding a touch of tropical to your drink-mixing area, and #11’s use of simple patters. Look through the 26 home-bar ideas and let us know which one inspires you the most in the comments below!

3. Best Basement Bar Ideas

59 Best Basement Bar Ideas, Design Idea Guide

When it comes time to finding a place for building an at-home bar, one of the most desirable places is a basement, if you have one. This allows for a more intimate setting in most cases, and by having the bar downstairs it can help reduce noise, and allow for more creativity as you’re not competing with a kitchen or living room design, among others. Here we see a wood-look log-cabin feel basement bar, where the owner has even hung up several neon signs to complete the hometown bar feel. “Using blonde wood can help keep the space feeling lighter and airier, even in an underground basement”. It’s fashionable and functional, and we love the red stools complimenting some of the wood-tones. There’s more to see in the article itself, so give it a look and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

4. Home Bar Ideas For Everybody

Modern Home Bar Ideas, Houzz

Coming from Houzz, our fourth pick of the week showcases some more modern and contemporary home-bar designs, featuring plenty of inspirations form all over to help you envision your dream. Featured above is a media room located in Lorton, Virginia, showcasing a wood floor and countertops, shaker and black cabinets, a simple backsplash and undermount sink. We loved how the seating arrangement offers some space away from the actual bar, as it creates more area for moving-around, and makes it seem more open and inviting. Check out their other selections (there’s plenty) and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

5. Single-Malt with a Side of Outstanding Design

25 Outstanding Home Bar Ideas and Designs, RenoGuide

And our final pick for this week’s top 5 designs, we bring you 35 of the coolest and contemporary home bars dominating the design scene in recent years. Shown above is a home corner bar, featuring efficient and well-appointed design elements that made us do a double take. Are those salt rock lamps atop a glowing stone bar? We’re actually not sure, but nonetheless this home-bar showcases you don’t have to have an area fit for crowds to have a col bar, it can be done even in the corner of an unused intersection or room. Check out the rest of their selections for modern home-bars and let us know your favorite one below!

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