Week of June 1st, 2020 – Baths and Bathrooms

Week of June 1st, 2020 – Baths and Bathrooms - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Finding unique and comforting ways to relax is majorly important! With the age of technology in full swing, we’ve seen Bluetooth activated showers, remote-controlled saunas, and self-closing medicine cabinets. To each their own, but one thing remains constant and that’s the art of the shower. That blissful moment after waking up, feeling the water cascade over your face, or perhaps you’re more of the relaxing bath after dinner type. Either way, there’s something for everyone to soak in with these top 5 designs of the week featuring some incredible water features, comforting bathrooms, and a unique re-model that’s sure to make you look twice.

1. Taking the Relaxing Bath to a New Level

Inside the East Coast's Largest Sensory Deprivation Tank Space, Dezeen

When people think of a relaxing bath, they might picture themselves with some candles and a nice read, surrounded by bubbles with their favorite music playing. Vessel Floats, out of New York, boats a different kind of relaxation. Enter the increasingly-popular sensory deprivation tank-an experience that involves eliminating all external stimuli while the user floats inside a salt-water tank. Browse through Arnold Studio’s renovation of this truly unique spa experience.

2. Everything but the...Natural Stone Bathroom Sink

Check out Emily Henderson's gallery on some featured natural stone sinks, among other top bathroom trends, Style by Emily Henderson

From stunning crisp whites to deep purples, bathroom tile can create any mood for the space. What’s more unique than using an eye-catching material as a shower floor or wall? Using slabs of Natural Stone for a clean, contemporary look and feel. If you enjoy the feeling of coming home after a long day outside and cleaning up, what better way to still feel connected to the outside world than washing your hands with a sink from the earth. Check out these natural stone sinks, and colorful tile options for bathrooms that create a paradise for any homeowner.

3. Shower With Your Favorite View, Anywhere

Belt out your favorite shower jam from a much space with these incredible outdoor shower designs, Better Home and Garden

As summer approaches, many are finding it hard this year to make it to the beach. One of the best things about the beach is coming back to the house after a long day on the sand and rinsing off with that handy outdoor shower. Check out these stunning outdoor shower-stations that might inspire you to set up your sprinkler this weekend.

4. Think Pink

"Start the day in the pink with this hot hue", Living Etc

Everyone loves the clean, white bathroom look, but by adding a playful complementary color, such as pink, it can really do wonders for a tasteful contrast of traditional vs modern. Check out these featured images for some ideas on how to spruce up your bathroom remodel, all while thinking pink.

5. From Soda Factory to Subterranean Spa

Check out New York's underground secret -- ninja-turtles not-included, Dezeen

Incorporating an old building’s design into a modern concept can be a challenge with some projects, but an old Brooklyn soda factory just found a new life in the form of a bathhouse. The stunning brickwork was mostly left untouched, creating an atmosphere around the spa’s water features that make the user feel as if they’re in the best kept secret in the state of New York. Check out this remodel and admire the artwork as well, and just imagine dipping into the bath while staring up at a natural-stone vaulted ceiling, finished with a mosaic of porcelain and stone. Absolutely Stunning.

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