Week of June 15th, 2020 – Farmhouse & Gardens

Week of June 15th, 2020 – Farmhouse & Gardens - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Combing elements of design has been a continuous trend in the industry over years, and will be for many to come. Combining elements of the past and future, like taking an old farmhouse, and creating a modern living-space that keeps the "old-fashioned" feel, is something to be admired by all who appreciate design. With June being Fresh fruit and Vegetable Month, what better time to appreciate some stunning gardens and landscaping, including a bonus picture of Architectural Ceramic's President David Benson and family's home garden. Check out these Farmhouses and Gardens featured in this week's Top 5 Designs, that are sure to make your thumb a little more green.

1. New Age Farmhouse with Traditional Feel

A Fully Restored Farmhouse Filled with Vintage Charm, Country Living

While Long Island realty can be very sought-after, Designer Hadley Wiggins-Marin sat on her prospective property for over 10 years, waiting for the right call. The moment she laid eyes on this rustic farmhouse she knew it had to be hers. After years of phone calls and online searches she was adamant she would never be able to acquire the property, until one day fate brought it to her. Check out this short read and amazing pictures of her stunning farmhouse, which maintains that classic vintage feel after being renovated.

2. Never Enough Greenery

Richard Parr’s Farmhouse Garden, House & Garden

After the hustle and bustle of living the London lifestyle, Richard Parr moved his family to somewhere with a little more nature to appreciate. This stunning home in the Cotswolds features lush greenery in every direction, fitting right in with the countryside. The magnificent display of nature is centered around a few gardens, and Richard has also taken the liberty of removing some of the taller shrubs to create less of an urban feel and really blend in with the surrounding area. Check out this stunning home and click the link within the article to see inside his property as well.

3. No garden, patio, balcony or terrace needed...

Cool Ways to Bring the Outdoors In, LivingEtc.

Keeping in touch with your outdoor spirit while cooped up indoors can be a challenge, but one that can be overcome. From indoor pools, to hanging displays of ornate flowers, many have been able to incorporate their favorite aspects of the outside world in their inside life. Check out these simple yet impactful ways to stay in touch with your outdoor self while inside the house this Summer!

4. The Modern Farmhouse

Lighting and Outdoor Space Were Key to Transforming This New Construction Home, Architectural Digest

Renovation might not be enough of a word to describe what Shanty Wijaya of Allprace Properties did to this California Home. Going from outdated and bleak to a private oasis is no easy task, but she incorporated a stunning modern feel into the design, and by opening the floor plan she encapsulated an outdoor-indoor living situation inspired by the surrounding neighborhood. Check out the article and enjoy the stunning pictures - it’s almost too good to believe!

5. Inside a Laid-Back Lake-House Complete with Cozy Vibes

Lake Gaston, Lauren Liess

Sometimes it takes a complete demolish to see an artistic vision come to life, and that’s exactly the case with this Lake Gaston Family Home. Stripped down to the studs in recent years after an original early 90s build gave the home a fresh take on the lake, while providing homeowners and kids a place to come relax and escape. Complete with a crow’s nest for the kids to play (and hide from Mom!) and furniture fit to survive the endless droplets of lake water to come, the home provides everything you’d want in a renovation. Check out the remodel and get inspired for your next waterfront renovation!

Bonus Feature: A Shared Garden by Architectural Ceramics' Own Employees

Vienna, Virginia.

After a move across town, Architectural Ceramics' Owner David Benson found himself in a neighborhood filled with much more nature and greenery than he was used to. Finding friends (and a future co-worker) in the next-door neighbors, shortly after moving-in David and his family began to ask about their homemade garden, pictured above. Wanting to capitalize on Earth's delicious offerings, David and neighbors promptly doubled the size of their now-shared garden in a weekend. "It was a great project, and now we get to see the benefits of our hard work on our own dinner table. I know my wife enjoys having our own produce section right off our side-door, and the kids love having a place to dig, find worms, and it's even a great educational tool for them as well." It goes to show it doesn't require a large plot of land and extreme precision in order to raise a garden, neighbor Greg actually used most of the wood for the posts from a recycled play-house.

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