Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Asian Designers and Inspirations

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Asian Designers and Inspirations - Architessa

There’s something familiar about the feeling of being outdoors with your loved ones, and as vaccines are becoming more and more accessible, we hope everybody is making the most of their Spring. As always, we hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather, as it seems just yesterday it was March…or was that April? Regardless of how you’re feeling today, we’ve got the cure for your Monday blues in this week’s top 5 design inspirations!

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI). To honor those who stand proud of their AAPI Heritage, we’re showing off our top 5 Asian Designers and Asian Design Inspirations in this week’s blog.

Asian-style interiors instantly evoke an image of serenity and tranquil calm. With most of us engrossed in a fast-paced urban lifestyle, it helps immensely when we can come back home to a peaceful abode that allows us to escape this never-ending rush.” – Decoist 

Check out our top 5 Asian inspirations below, and as always, we love to hear your feedback in the comments.


1. Chinese Interiors You Need to See

10 projects by Chinese interior designers worth knowing about, Dezeen

 Pink and white interior space


Our first inspiration, inspired by AAPI Heritage month, takes us worldwide as Dezeen highlights their top ten projects by Chinese interior designers. The 240-page book published by Elle Decoration has over 100 interior designer projects, and these top ten were chosen, “featuring everything from a playful office to a pared-back hotel.” As shown above, we featured the Powelong creative lab in Shanghai, which X+Living designed. The factory boasts spacious walkways, modern machinery, and exposed service pipes painted pink. Even the cafeteria chairs are playfully made to appear like oversized screws. Check out the other nine Chinese interior projects of the year, and let us know which one is your favorite!


2. Delightful Asian Inspired Interiors

10 Irresistible Asian Inspired Interior Designs That Will Delight You, Architecture, Art & Designs


hallway with tree decoration


Traditional Asian interior decorating style relies heavily on natural, biophilic elements, such as sandalwood, bamboo, natural stones, plants, and even flowers. Fine silk and porcelain, one of the most durable tiling materials, are also native to Asia and are highlighted in our second design inspiration, brought to us by Architecture, Art & Designs. Their list comprises traditional Asian interiors with some modern twists, like the sleek matte white floor shown above, complemented by the greenery and black area rug for seating. Check out the rest of their inspirations in the link above, and get ready to add some natural elements to your next redesign!


 3. Trends with Chinese Interior Designs




Switching it up a bit, we’re covering trends amongst the Chinese design community.

“Sleek surfaces of dark, lacquered woods, dimly lit, decorative lanterns, meticulously hewn latticework furniture and screens, and colour palettes that often blend warm neutrals with punchy, saturated tones of red (considered the luckiest colour in Chinese culture), blacks and golds.” – LuxDeco 

Intertwined with a zen-like atmosphere, Asian and Chinese design often blends influences from across the continent to create a beautiful sense of harmony. Also important, the art of lacquer is often seen carved out in artistic scenes and backdrops. Check out some trends of Chinese and Asian design in the link above!


 4. Modern Japanese Influence

Tour a Serene Design Oasis Inspired by Japanese Modernism, Architectural Digest


Though Chinese traditions date back thousands of years, that doesn’t mean their interior style is reminiscent of the time. Our fourth inspiration of the week highlights some of the more modern Asian-inspired trends, specifically Japanese stylings. The apartment, located in NYCs’ Lower East Side, boasts 1400 square feet, two bedrooms, and extraordinary lighting with high ceilings. Client Joaquín Mollá, an Argentinian advertising executive and longtime student of Buddhism, explained that he wanted to make his New York pied-à-terre into “the home of a 70-year-old man with an affinity for Japanese Modernism, design, and culture.” Check out the space for yourself in the link above, and let us know your favorite part of this stunning apartment!


 5. Best Bars in Asia

Trendy NEWS 2020 – The Best Bars in Asia, Asian Interior Design



Our final featured post takes us to the Asian nightlife scene, where we’re checking out some of the best bars in Asia available for drinks with incredible views. Shown above is Lenno’s at Rosewood Bangkok, Thailand. Lined with 6,000 playable and purchasable records, the “speakeasy” is complete with Art Deco lighting, brown leather sofas with a retro vibe, and even a spiral staircase leading to the cigar mezzanine. Another notable mention is the Manor Club at Rosewood Hong Kong, China, which offers ultra-residential interiors alongside exceptional service and an exquisite dining experience. Check out the whole list for yourself, and let us know which bar you’ll be visiting on your next trip to Asia!




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