Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Children’s Spaces

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Children’s Spaces - Architessa


Happy Monday to all of our Architessans! We’re kicking things off this week by honoring the upcoming birthday of storytelling legend Dr. Seuss, whose words and wisdom have inspired millions of children for over 80 years. March 2nd will be his 117th birthday after he passed in 1991. What better way to celebrate the life of a legend than by showcasing children’s spaces this week? There’s certainly no shortage of fun to be had with these design inspirations! Especially now, your children need adequate space to be kids inside their home, whether that’s an indoor slide or a little game corner. Check out the top 5 picks for this week, and let us know your favorite in the comments below! Enjoy!


1. Elevating Kid’s Spaces

6 Kids' Spaces That Are All About High Design, Architectural Digest

daycare design

Our first featured article of the week showcases some elevated designs of children’s spaces. 
Architectural Digest brings out their top 6 design-forward kid’s areas, and let’s just say Kindergarten looks vastly different from the chalkboard and chair days. Check out Brella, a daycare located in Playa Vista, California, and let us know your thoughts on their interior design. This daycare looks more like an open-office collaborative space for the most educated minds, straying far from what a typical daycare would appear as. There are 5 other destinations to explore and other great high-end children’s spaces to enjoy, so check out the link and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


2. The New Playroom


chalkboard in a kids room

Our second article of the week comes from 
Elle Décor. They bring their styling guide to kid’s playrooms and showcase some of the most functional designs around. From chalkboard accents, utilizing different textures and materials, and children’s art walls are only some of the inspirations for a stylish playroom. There are many more to be admired! We loved #17 as it was a very open room, with the option for many activities and ample space for guests. Check out the other posts and let us know your favorite!


3. Stylish & Chic Kid’s Bedrooms

Kid’s Room Interior Design: Top 10 Tips to Decorate My Kids Room, Decorilla

blue wall kids bedroom

Our third article of the week brings us to the topic of kid's bedrooms and how to make them stylish without ruining a beautiful bedroom's aesthetic. From boys rooms' to girls', color selections, layout, and advice on cozy room feel, 
Decorilla has you covered how to make your children's bedroom the best in town. Check out their 10 essential points for kid's bedrooms, and let us know what color you'd choose!


4. Designing a Dream Playroom

How To Design Functional And Chic Kids Playrooms, Laura Interior Design

Our penultimate featured article brings us back to the topic of kid’s playrooms. Design functionally while creating a chic space the whole house can enjoy. We won’t give all the details away, but incorporating your child’s favorite colors on an accent wall or a rug can create a comfortable contemporary design. Additionally, having “sleek, grown-up” storage options is a must, as having kid’s bins filled with toys out in the open is a thing of the past! Check out their full article for all the tips on how to design your children’s dream playroom.


5. Playrooms for Small Spaces

45 Small-Space Kids’ Playroom Design Ideas, HGTV

Our final article of the week features kid’s playrooms in unconventional areas, working around designing kid’s spaces with limited square footage. HGTV provides 45 unique kid’s play-areas and fun spaces, starting with an attic conversion, shown above. Attics are severely under-utilized and often go unappreciated for their space value. If you have an attic that’s accessible and able to be converted into a space of any kind, it’d definitely worth the project time and effort. By tackling this two-week project, homeowners now have a small space with a large-space feel: a cheerful “seafoam blue” and “grassy green,” bringing a soft and comforting feeling. Check out the other 44 unique kid’s spaces in small sizes, and, as always, let us know your favorite in the comments below!


We would also like to share How to Create A Sensory Room for Kids with Autism from Autism Parenting Magazine as a bonus article. At Architessa, we believe in evoking emotion through the spaces we create. For parents of children with autism, it is an extremely useful guide in doing just that. Please share this article and enjoy the extensive research that went into the design suggestions.


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