Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Easter Inspirations

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Easter Inspirations - Architessa


Happy Monday to everybody on this beautiful spring morning. With Easter right around the corner on April 4th, there's no reason to be in a bad mood today! Speaking of Easter, we want to bring you some Easter-themed interior design inspirations for your next renovation or remodel! When thinking of Easter, you may automatically think of bright pastels and the Easter Bunny, but there's so much more to be inspired by. Utilizing fresh plants to create a springtime feel, tastefully incorporating decorated eggs into a room, or even playing off other fun design ideas relating to Easter themes can make your home spring-ready in no time! We've also expanded our theme this week to include some gorgeous inspirations from church interiors and architecture. Check out our top 5 featured articles below for this week's top 5 design inspirations!


1. A New Beginning

A Derelict 17th-Century British Factory Is Transformed Into an Avant-Garde HomeArchitectural Digest


Starting off our week of Easter-themed inspirations, we're bringing you a project that transformed a 17th-century British factory into an avant-garde home in Northamptonshire. Located about 70 miles northwest of London, the quaint English towns remain relatively unchanged through the years, except for this transformation. Upon first glance, " barely seems like a home at all," - Design firm, Will Gamble Architects, worked hard to ensure the client was happy without completely demolishing the factory that the nearby townspeople had come to be so fond of. Thus, creating a stunning display of modern and pre-existing materials. Words don't do it quite enough justice, and it's one transformation you won't believe until you see it! Check out the complete article and all of the pictures in the link above, and let us know your favorite part of this home!


2. Top Church Architectures of 2020

Dezeen’s top eight churches of 2020Dezeen

Our second featured article comes from Dezeen, who has compiled their top eight churches of 2020 for us to enjoy. Throughout history, church architecture focuses on exquisitely designed spaces, often showcasing handmade details and stunning works of interior design. Besides the high domed ceilings and worship alters, one of our favorite from Dezeen's list is the floating church in east London. The floating church accompanies churchgoers on a canal boat with a retractable roof that reverberates the sounds of an organ's bellows. This goes to show that there's potential for any space to be your space! Check out the rest of the featured churches and marvel at their beauty.


3. Designing with Warmth (And The Cold) In Mind

Tandia's Ontario Office Space Features Four Season-Themed NeighborhoodsWork Design Magazine


Heading up to Ontario, Tandia, Financial Credit Union's new office space is certainly one with a "fresh" feel, as it's divided into four "neighborhoods," each giving an ambiance of a respective season. The 22,000 square foot space is split into 75% creative and collaborative space and 25% private offices. Various elements throughout the space evoke certain emotions as you navigate through the building. You will notice the lush green biophilic design in view by the cafeteria, winter tones of white and blue in the offices, and a lounge area with a floor pattern mimicking fall leaves. The office space is truly marvelous and portrays the importance of consistent and thoughtful design. Check out the link above and enjoy the office space with your own eyes!


4. The Transformation You Won't Believe

Barde + vanVoltt transforms dingy Amsterdam garage into family home, Dezeen


As Easter symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts, we're bringing you a renovation so good you won't believe it's true. From a dinky garage to a modern family home, "Amsterdam studio Barde + vanVoltt has inserted skylights and glass partition walls into this former garage to transform it into a light-filled family home that celebrates the building's industrial past." The 100 square meter space is located on the ground floor of a residential terrace from the 1930s. The new space is now filled with natural light, modern and sleek materials, and a minimalist interior plan that draws attention to the details. If all garages looked like this, the world would be a better place. Check out the truly magnificent transformation, and let us know what you think in the comments!


5. From Prayers to Tattoos, Check Out True Hand

See How This Historic Church Got its Second Life as a Tattoo ShopArchitectural Digest


Our final article of the week showcases an unlikely space for a tattoo shop, found almost accidentally. Mike Ski, a Philadelphia native and owner of graphic tattoo studio True Hand, stumbled upon the 150-year-old former church in Fishtown less than a day after it was listed - he saw the opportunity as a great business plan. By utilizing the church's space for his tattoo studio, he's also inadvertently preserving history while working in the space of his dreams.

From Mike: "What we hadn't planned on was the opportunity to not only create a dream space but to participate in preserving a former church that may have otherwise been knocked down to make way for more heinous condo boxes."

Check out the complete project in the link above, and let us know what you think of this stunning tattoo studio!




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