Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Green & Sustainable

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Green & Sustainable - Architessa

Happy Monday, Architessans! This week brings us St. Patrick's Day, celebrating the life of St. Patrick, patron Saint of Ireland, and his prominence in Irish heritage. To celebrate this green holiday, we showcased some of our favorite green designs in color and sustainability. Check out all the inspiration you need for a sustainable remodel this season. Perhaps you're looking to add soothing green tones to a bedroom or living room without going overboard; we've got you covered! From eco-friendly green design tips to styling the color green, our St. Patrick's Day design week posts will have you feeling lucky. Check out the 5 articles below, and enjoy!


1. Sustainable and Stylish

Sustainable Design Trend 2021 Meets LuxuryTrend Design Book

interior with stone accent

Who says you have to sacrifice style to be sustainable? Our first featured article is full of luxury sustainable design trends for 2021, featuring a Jubilee Hills, India residence designed by firm NA Architects. Its interior flows like a gallery-type space, filled with natural lighting from glass walls, and has plenty of covered outdoor space, creating a feeling "as if the interiors spill outwards." With natural stone accents throughout the residence, water features, and even design-embedded structured ceilings, you'll be motivated to use some raw materials in your next remodel. Check out the entire residence in the link above, and let us know what you think!


2. Biophilic Office Environment

Green Furniture Concept's New Office Has A Striking Biophilic Environment, Work Design Magazine

office interior

Our second feature of the week takes us to Glasvasen, Sweden. Green Furniture Concept's new office building showcases an impressive biophilic environment and striking architectural design, creating a dreamy office-building. Completed in 2017, the 2,530 SF office space features one large room and an open plan, filled with desks and Green Furniture's place-making products. There are elements of nature all around the open-concept office. Plants, moss, and leaf lamps are a huge part of the design. Check out the whole space for yourself, and let us know your favorite part!


3. Living (Room) Green

10+ Gorgeous Green Living RoomsHouse Beautiful

Our third feature of the week tackles green design in its literal sense by showing off 14 living rooms designed with green color in mind. Spring green, tropical green, mint green, sea-grass green, and many more shades of the lucky color are shown in these warm and inviting living rooms. These stylish living rooms include shades of green to be envious of. Check out all 14 spaces in the link above!


4. Cooking with Greens

Green Kitchens Are Having a MomentArchitectural Digest

green kitchen island

From living rooms to kitchens, the color green is having its moment, according to Architectural Digest. Our fourth feature of the week is all about green, and why its making a comeback in the kitchen. AD showcases some stunningly green inspirations. The earthy hue makes for a calm environment, something that can be important for the chef at work, and adds depth to any room, as London-based designer Beata Heuman explains. "The eye can actually decipher more shades of green than any other color, which gives it great depth … So if you want to do something bold, it's a relatively safe choice". Check out Ad's favorite green kitchens in the link above, and let us know if you have a favorite!


5. Tips For An Eco-Friendly Design Makeover

7 Tips For An Eco Friendly Interior Design MakeoverEluxe Magazine

open white interior


Our final article lists seven essential tips for a remodel that desires to be "eco-friendly," and the solutions are creative and design-savvy. Style inspiration on utilizing plants as decorations, natural lighting tips, and products to avoid are all mentioned in the seven essentials. Check out the full article for some stunning images and remodeling advice with sustainability in mind. Let us know your favorite tip in the comments below! As always, we hope you enjoyed it, and we will see you next week!




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