Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Regional Design Styles

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Regional Design Styles - Architessa

Happy July! We hope everybody was able to enjoy a wonderful fourth of July with their family and friends however possible, and as the heat of Summer rages on, so does out top 5 design inspirations! Following last week’s top 5 revolving around regional tile design in the United States, we’re expanding the search globally, as well as hitting some other areas of the United States we weren’t able to last week! From the hustle and bustle of the modern realm of Tokyo, to the calmness of a quaint cabin in the Swiss Alps, you’ll feel like a cultured world traveler after exploring this week’s top 5 design inspirations from around the globe! Take a look and let us know what region of design you love the most, and as always, enjoy!


1. West Coast Inspirations

Everything You Need to Know About Eclectic Decorating, California Style, My Domaine



Our first design inspiration of the week takes us on a trip to the west coast, where we’re diving into the world of California-style interior design.

“The West Coast is surprisingly sophisticated and always inviting, and rooms designed with the same mentality are some of our favorites.”

You’ll see just how “surprisingly sophisticated” the design elements of west coast design are, including one of our favorite looks for any open and inviting living room, distressed leather, shown above. Vintage pieces add character and taste to any space, and the neutral tones make it easy to accessorize with while designing a dream living room. Also a west coast favorite, large-format photography prints and mid-century lines, also featured in the article. We won’t ruin the rest of these design styles, so click the link above and let us know your favorite element of west coast design in the comments!


2. Middle East Inspired Interior Design

Arabic Interior Design Style. Touch Of Traditions, Small Design Ideas 


Fasten your seatbelts! For our second regional design inspiration we’re headed to the Middle East, as we see what elements of design they utilize and how we can be inspired by foreign taste. Traditional Arabic design comes from the direction of Oriental interior decoration, which means luxury and sophistication. Arabic interior design is an expression of life, just like your interior should be! Shown above, one of the most popular elements of Arabic design, the inlay and how versatile it truly can be. Whether in gold, bronze, ivory, or even mother-of-pearl, you can expect to see a lot of inlays if you’re ever in the Middle East. Also expect to see less furniture in general, and lower tables made of wood and other unique materials, giving each room a true sense of character. Check out all the elements of Middle Eastern Design in the link above!


 3. The World of Swiss Design

COCC and Coherent AG: The Swiss Interior Design At Its Best, Brabbu World


COCC and Coherent AG is a Swiss interior design firm which goes into details of the “big picture” of all of their projects, showing all the elements that come together to create their stunning displays of interior work. The first thing you’ll probably notice from the picture above is the stunning stone-work on display, which comes as a favorite in the Swiss design community. COCC and Coherent AG focus on the balance between aesthetics and functionality, and the result is never short of amazing. Check out their entire project line and what makes their designs so unique and tasteful in the link above, and let us know your favorite part about Swiss design in the comments below!


4. Hawaii: Tropical Paradise and Design Heaven

Hawaii house by Walker Warner Architects hugged by volcanic rock, Dezeen


When you think of Hawaii, what elements of design come to mind? Palm trees, quaint houses with natural elements by the sea and lots of bright colors? You’re not far off, but take a look at Walker Warner Architect’s Hawaii house that was built around and even incorporated into a massive section of volcanic rock, and the result is a truly stunning residence making you feel like you’re one with the earth. From reflective pools, the natural stone, and the breathtaking views, there’s not much this residence is missing apart from it’s own wave-pool! Complete with a guest house, the residence boasts of modern design features, as the tones of black complete the sleek look. One of the bedrooms even opens up directly to the pool! Check out the stunning “Kua Bay Residence” in the link above and let us know your favorite part!


5. New York: The Styles of the Big Apple

Home Décor NYC:4 Interior Decorating Styles That New York Made Its Own, Decorilla


As we head back towards the United States, we’re covering 4 styles that New York seemingly adopted as its own in the world of interior decorating and design. Spoiler alert, we’re only giving you two, so be sure to click the link for the other half of New York’s top design trends! While New York is home to all walks of life, one thing that’s amazing about the design community is the eclectic feeling many residences give off, as eclectic design is one of New York’s 4 adopted trends. Layered, collective, and cultured are often words used to describe some of New York’s many apartment offerings, and the lack of taste is non-existent. Another one of our favorite looks, which New York has also claimed its own, is the  modern industrial styled look, with exposed metal and brick. We love how this creates a feeling of coziness and warmth, and adds character as well. As promised, you’ll have to click the link above to see the rest of New York’s design traits! Let us know your favorite in the comments below, and have a wonderful week!

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