Week of October 21, 2019 - Renaissance Styles

Week of October 21, 2019 - Renaissance Styles - Architessa

Did you get a chance to visit the Renaissance festival this season? The Maryland Renaissance Festival just ended this weekend and it got us thinking about what inspiration we can draw from the Middle Ages.

From refurbished castles dating back to the 16th century to the melding of contemporary design in renaissance spaces, these are your Top 5 Design Posts of the week.

1. Castles Close to Home

6 Fairytale Castles in the U.S., The Discoverer

Medieval style castles aren’t just limited to Europe – a few ambitious architects created impressive palaces throughout the U.S. It’s fun to see how the fairytale architecture of old has inspired some creative building in the early 1900s.

2. Gothic Cathedral turned Cafe

Kath, dezeen

A fascinating blend of old and new, Kath is a café nestled in the center of a Gothic cathedral. The mix of historic and contemporary elements makes for a striking look.

3. Medieval Meets Modern

Medieval Church hall renovation features light-filled extension and glazed walkway, dezeen

Renovating or building additions to Renaissance (or other historic) buildings can pose a unique challenge. Designers working on this medieval house beside the Church of St. John the Baptist sought to update the space while complementing the existing architecture.

4. Ditch the Kitsch

Monteverdi Hotel avoids "folkloristic approach" to restoration of medieval Tuscan hamlet, dezeen

Transforming weathered buildings from the Renaissance era into useable, contemporary spaces is a tough balancing act. Maintaining the authenticity of the original building is an important priority. We think the Montverdi Hotel in Italy achieves this brilliantly with both rustic and design-forward pieces.

5. Your Home is Your Castle - Literally

This Swedish Farmhouse Was Built Into a Medieval Wall, House Beautiful

We cannot get over how cool this farmhouse is! The 538-square-foot cottage is built right against the exposed wall of the medieval fortress behind it.

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