Week of September 21st, 2020 - Design Rewind: Return of the '70s

Week of September 21st, 2020 - Design Rewind: Return of the '70s - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Here comes September bringing us cooler weather, pre-holiday pandemic planning, and of course the hit song by 1970s band Earth, Wind and Fire, September! If you don’t start humming the music whenever you hear that legendary tune, we’re not sure you’re ready for Fall. But if you miss the days of shag carpets, bright colors, peace signs and platform shoes, you’re in the right place. This week’s top 5 design posts are centered around the comeback of ‘70s design in the 21st century. Take a trip down memory lane with our top 5 design posts of the week, featuring some truly groovy design trends.

1. The Revenge of the ‘70s

The '70s Design Trends That Got Their Grooves Back, HGTV

The last time you went to Grandma’s house you might’ve noticed the 9 couch pillows, that jar of weird hard candies that has never been touched, or the crime scene of a kitchen where she makes 5-star meals with ease. Next time, pay a little more attention to the decorations and design, because believe it or not, ‘70s modern is in and here to stay. HGTV provides insight on what exactly to be on the lookout for, and what exactly from the ‘70s made a comeback, or never left! Macrame (because in case you haven't heard, crafting is cool again), disco balls and wood walls are only some of the 21 trends HGTV highlights, each one a ‘70s memory that is living on to this day. Check out the slideshow and let us know your favorite throwback trend in the comments below!

2. Back to the Future

‘70s Décor Trends That Are Back In Style, the Spruce

You may wish shag carpets were a thing of the past until you check out how stylish and modern they can appear in the right context! The Spruce provides ‘70s trends that made a full comeback, including shag carpets, suspended chairs, rattan everything, and macramé. It takes a trained eye to not butcher the comeback of trends almost 50 years old, but somehow the ‘70s has never looked so elegant and modern. Take a look at these 15 trends from the decade of “me” and let us know your favorite modern twist on these classic trends in the comments below!

3. The ‘70s Total Takeover

This Decade Is Slowly Taking the Design World by Storm, Apartment Therapy

In case you were skeptical about the ‘70s influence, look no further.

“Right now in home design and even fashion, it feels like a total ‘70s takeover. Some might argue that the ‘90s are going strong, too. But the ‘90s were the first real throwback to the ‘70s, so there you go.”

Focusing on some of the comfier and neutral design aspects, ATgoes onto say how the ‘70s “chill aspect” made it one worth bringing back, including the return of a personal favorite, black marble countertops. Terrazzo has also made an incredible comeback, and re-entered designers’ vocabulary everywhere. They also provide nice insight on how to not get too overboard with the theme, and how to keep a balance of ‘70s and modern, while not coming across like a poorly executed mix of decades. Soak up some ‘70s inspiration and think about bringing back the shag rug in your next decorating spree!

4. Colors of the ‘70s

Get Inspired by This 1970s Color Flashback, My Move

For those looking for a taste of the ‘70s without eating the whole cake, we come to you with an elegant solution: The Colors of the ‘70s. What better way to pay homage to the decade of peace signs and self-love than using some colors from the ‘70s palette! This article provides inspirations on how to use the “prettiest” 1970s-inspired colors seen today in design, as well as some ideas on where to incorporate them into your space. Avocado Green for example, was one of the most dynamic and versatile colors of the ‘70s, and is now seen in or on homes across the world trying to appear “vibrant’ and “fung-shui”. But never forget, the ‘70s did it first! Let us know your favorite ‘70s inspired colors in the comments below, or where you’ve seen one of these used in an inspiring way recently!

5. Home Design Trends from the ‘70s That Made a Comeback

Hot Home Design Trends From The 70s That Made A Comeback This Year, Haute Residence

Velvet sofas, animal print rugs, wall-hanging decorations and more! Welcome to the interiors of the ‘70s with a modern take, featuring some truly inspiring and beautiful home-design trends that highlight iconic ‘70s taste while not going too overboard. Terrazzo flooring making a strong comeback in this week’s top 5 posts, and is seen here described as “showing no signs of slowing down”. Even Moroccan puffs are highlighted in their recent wave of popularity, which explains why all of my friend’s parents have 2-3 of those in their basement that provide the weirdest seating arrangements. I’d be more comfortable in a ’70s style hanging chair, but that’s just me! Let us know your favorite home trend from the 70s’ in the comments below!

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