Top 5 Designs of the Week – Pastels

Top 5 Designs of the Week – Pastels - Architessa


Happy Day-After-Easter! We hope you enjoyed the weekend and counted your blessings. There’s so much to be thankful for this Spring, including some designs featuring pastel colors that fit right in with the season! Soothing, low-saturated, and high-valued – pastels are a color choice for anyone looking to add comfort and color into their design projects. From shades of mint green to hues of mauve and blue, the options are endless when it comes to pastels, and we’re sure you might’ve seen a few on some Easter Eggs on Sunday. Whichever pastel you fancy, there’s something for everyone to love in this week’s top 5 design inspirations. Check out the list below and let us know your favorite and have a great week from all of us here at Architessa!


1. Children’s Center Inspired by Pastel

Danielle Brustman decorates children's centre in Melbourne with pastel hues and rainbow murals, Dezeen


Our first pastel inspiration of the week takes us to Melbourne, where designer Danielle Brustman created a bright and cheery pastel interior for the Brighton Street Early Learning Centre. The concrete building houses individual playrooms and includes a total of 47 different pastel-like colors that flow throughout the interior. Each room has its own theme, and includes a motif of a river, meadow, star, sun, and a cloud. There are also several wall-murals, which were hand-painted by Ben Maitland. Additionally, each room has a “seasonal” feel, which adds for more options when it came to choosing a diverse color palette. Check out the rest of the building in the link above and let us know what you think of those stunning colors!


2. Springing Forward Into Pastels

30 Pastel Rooms to Help You Spring Forward, Architectural Digest


Our second design inspiration of the week is all about life, as Architectural Digest pulled together 30 of their best pastel-themed living rooms. These living rooms are a sight to see, from light shades of blues intertwining with mauves and purples to bright yellows accenting a massive painting. On the list, number 5 – the Nantucket home – proves you can keep it classy and incorporate pastels without going too far into one color. The kitchen is a gorgeous shade of cream, which matches the surrounding interior with ease. Right below, we love the purple-themed master bath outside of a living room, including the centerpiece chair, which accents the floor tile perfectly. Check out the complete list of 30 pastel-inspired living rooms in the link above!


3. Sleeping on Pastel Colors? Time to Wake up

20 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pastel Bedrooms, apartment therapy


Are you tired of waking up and seeing neutral colors in the bedroom? Feel the need for a refreshing color scheme to add a touch of fun in your bedroom? Look no further! Apartment Therapy brings us 20 of their favorite pastel-themed bedrooms, featuring soothing tones as well as bright and big color splashes. If you’re looking for ideas on wall-paint, bed décor, or just some pastel accent material, there’s something for everybody in these bedrooms. Apartment Therapy also provides easy ways to incorporate pastel in small ways for those who don’t want to start with a full-on renovation, such as adding a pastel-colored blanket or a piece of artwork. Check out their tips and inspirations in the link above, and let us know your favorite bedroom!


4. Going Bold with Pastels

20 Gorgeous Pastel Rooms That Will Inspire You To Go Bold, Elle Décor


Not for the faint of heart, these pastel designs are bright and bold. From Elle Décor, we’re bringing you some of the most personality-packed rooms featuring pastel colors that are sure to inspire you to be a little more daring with the color palette. Color evokes emotion, and having an energetic color scheme can boost energy levels and offer a unique way to express some design creativity. Please take a look through the 20 bold pastel inspirations and let us know which pastel color is your favorite!


5. Modern Pastel Inspirations

10 Colorful Ways to Use Pastels in your Modern Interiors, MyMove


Our final feature of the week gives us a guide on incorporating the pastel color palette into modern home interiors. Home-owners can have a colorful, energetic feel to their interiors without compromising design by getting re-acquainted with bright pastels. Pastels are coming back in a big way, and it’s essential to incorporate them into your home. Starting small with pastel-colored kitchen appliances or chairs is a great introduction. And you don’t have to compromise your sense of design; by incorporating pastels around your favorite piece of furniture, you’re keeping what you love and adding character color! Check out the complete list of 10 colorful ways to merge pastels into your lifestyle in the link above!




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