Week of April 20, 2020 – Earth Day

Week of April 20, 2020 – Earth Day - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Earth is our home, and as designers keeping our home in peak condition is near and dear to our hearts. Whether it’s incorporating sustainable porcelain tiles into your design or finding a use for reclaimed materials, there are lots of ways to honor our environment while creating a space. Join us in celebrating this year’s Earth Day by checking out some innovative projects that keep the Earth in mind through design.

1. Design in Mind, Earth at Heart

The 34-Acre, Nature-Inspired Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, Design Milk

Designed to emphasize the topography of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, this luxurious resort is outfitted with modern décor that features products locally sourced from the Cabo San Lucas region. Check out this article to see why this hotel is a perfect example of how design and the environment can come together as one.

2. Earthy Vibes on the Menu

Anne Claus Interiors use natural materials and earth tones for beach restaurant De Republiek, Dezeen

Furnished with oversized sofas, woven rugs, and timber coffee tables this Dutch restaurant utilizes a minimalist approach to design, but with an earthy twist. Check out how De Republiek effortlessly blends a natural palette with décor to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

3. Hobbit Home Re-imagined

A sunken-earth home with voluminous interiors peers out from beneath a blanket of flora, Dwell

Designed to invoke feelings of being in nature, this luxurious living room is not the only extraordinary aspect of this home. Browse through this project to see how its unique architectural design offers an innovative approach to how we think about home building, particularly in areas where there is not an abundance of flat land.

4. Earthy Feel Done Right

The Right Way to Decorate with Earthy Tones, Elle Décor

Thinking about creating a more natural aesthetic in your home? Don’t look too far because we’ve got you covered. Browse through this collection of Earth inspired rooms for some Earth Day Design inspiration that will get you going on your next project.

5. Sustainable Design in the Age of Capitalism

9 Buildings that Prove Sustainable Architecture and High Design are a Perfect Pair, Architectural Digest

In the age of globalization, commerce and concrete jungles seemingly go together with environmental consequences often taking a back seat. However, progressive societies are beginning to redefine building practices of the past, and are implementing products and design that are less harsh on the environment. Check out this collection of skyscrapers to see who is paving the way.

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