Week of August 10th - Work from Home Design Tips

Week of August 10th - Work from Home Design Tips - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

As we inch closer and closer to schools starting back up again, whether it be hybrid in-person or online, we also inch closer to the realization that we might be using out home spaces for much more than just living.Finding space within your home to dedicate solely for work or education purposes can be a struggle for some, but it doesn’t have to be! It doesn’t have to require an addition to your house or expensive renovations, it can be as simple as looking at your existing spaces in a different way and sculpting a space. Check out our top 5 designs of the week below and have some inspiration for this upcoming Fall!

1. Home Schooling Design Inspiration for Stay-at-Home Classes

Home Schooling Simplified, New York Times

Focusing on the importance of having a dedicated study space for your kids or even yourself, this spread by the New York Times shows off some simple inspirations and design suggestions that will make your Fall at home go smoothly as possible, while keeping everyone in the family happy and productive. Designing a space alongside your children as helpers can be a fun task, and allows them to give input on things that will keep them smiling during those ever-lasting Zoom calls. Check out the article below and gather some inspiration for a study space!

2. Can you even call it homework anymore?

30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces and Study Room Ideas You’ll Love, Freshome

Freshome presents their take on the post-pandemic education with 30 of their favorite homework areas and study spaces. The importance of having an area to solely dedicate work or education towards is so important, especially in today’s world full of distractions at our fingertips. Separating work and home life can be difficult, especially when you might be incorporating some of the same special elements, but as long as you’re comfortable with a space and know you can be productive, that’s really what matters. Take a look at some of their favorites, and gather some thoughts and ideas for your next study-space build!

3. Quick Study Room Design Trends

40 Brilliant Study Area Ideas and Designs, Reno Guide

Already have a playroom and now it’s turning into more of a classroom? Renoguide presents their solutions and trends for converting spaces into study-comfortable areas, featuring a wide-variety of ideas and inspirations for all. From utilizing folding space-saving tables to simply making your shelves a bit more fun, there’s inspiration for everyone here. Check out the “Double Decker Bed and Study Desk” if you are strapped for space!

4. Inspiring Productivity with Amazing Design

65 Home Office ideas that Will Inspire Productivity, Architectural Digest

From Architectural Digest, take in a stunning gallery of at-home work-spaces and feel inspired to create a space you know will make you want to be productive. From using trends known and loved across the board such as creating the modern/elegant workspace, to some more nontraditional ideas, such as using more colors or why blue in particular makes people feel more efficient, there’s an idea for everyone to be inspired by with their 65 tips. Our favorite? The Mid-Century Loft Office as it reminds one of their favorite childhood hiding space, only now it’s where you’re paying your taxes.

5. The Modern Home Office

51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas for Inspiration, Home Designing

Of course, you can’t design a space and not expect it to be outdated within a month, but with these 51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas, you’ll be enjoying your morning emails while enjoying the sleek modern feel of your chrome desk, or whatever it is you fancy in the world of modern design. From entire rooms to simple desk configurations and utilizing existing space, there’s again something for everyone to take-away in this gallery of Modern Home Office Spaces.

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