Week of October 12th, 2020 – Kitchen Design Trends and Styles

Week of October 12th, 2020 – Kitchen Design Trends and Styles - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

October brings us Fall weather, darker dinner times, pumpkin carving, and plenty of candy. October 16th marks “World Food Day” and what better way to celebrate than by diving into a Top 5 Design list all about kitchen designs and trends from past to present. Whether you’re an up-and-coming Gordon Ramsey protégé or leaning more towards the frozen pizza and ramen noodle diet, everyone can appreciate what having a gorgeous, functional, and stylish kitchen can do for your lifestyle.

Growing up, not many understand or appreciate just how much time and resources are spent on and in the kitchen. It’s that magical place where meals seemingly appear out of thin air, and hunger is satisfied. But what makes a kitchen cool or hip? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this statement rings truer than ever when it comes to kitchen design. While some might only accept the latest and greatest appliances paired with the shiniest marble, others crave a sense of nostalgia with grandma’s hand-me-down appliances. Whatever your kitchen style might gravitate towards, there’s certainly something for anybody to marvel over in this week’s article selections, featuring some truly stunning kitchens. Check out the list and let us know your favorite kitchen in the comments below

1. Kitchen Trends on Top in 2020


Looking for the latest and greatest kitchen trends for your next home renovation? Look no further than Elle Décor’s Top 17 kitchen trends of 2020, offering the newest stylings for any home. While some trends are more common than others, such as using contrasting countertops to create “major color drama”, others are more unusual, like using silver-tipped light bulbs to reduce eye-strain while adding a simple decorative touch.

High-performance countertops are also mentioned, as they’ve been seen replacing marble countertops due to their durability and stain-resistance. Another trend - using slabs of porcelain where least expected! Here it’s being demonstrated as a backsplash which complements the blue cabinetry with ease. (PS - Ask us about our porcelain slabs if this speaks to you!)

2. Favorite Kitchen Trends From Designers

Designers Share Their Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2020, House Beautiful

Top kitchen trends, but this time it’s from the point-of-view of designers who have more than a small say in the industry. Calacatta marble is here to stay, replacing it’s sibling Carrara as the showier option. Calacatta features stronger veining “that lends a bold, graphic appeal.” Sleek simplicity has also been a recent trend, not only in kitchens but overall home design, as we’ve seen the shift from maximalism to minimalism appear once again. Keeping everything simple can be a great way to highlight your cabinetry or other less-dominating aspects of the kitchen. Another trend mentioned is going green, and not just in the sense of the color. Although green is making a strong comeback as a color trend, it’s more about utilizing sustainable materials out of respect for the environment. Of course, no great kitchen is complete without a star backsplash, and House Beautiful offers tips on what makes a backsplash really pop. Check out these 12 trends from the minds of designers and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

3. Celebrities in Their Kitchens

32 Stunning Celebrity Kitchens to Make You Green With Envy, From Zoe Ball to Jennifer Lopez, Hello Magazine

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Famous folks, believe-it-or-not, have been known to cook their own food and spend time in the kitchen (not just when filming Instagram stories). As you glance over that attempt of a joke, check out Hello Magazine’sfeature about celebrities who have stunning kitchen setups and displays, which always somehow look spotless and brand new. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson shows off her stunning kitchen, bragging of bold green tones featured in the backsplash, perfectly complementing the silver splash-back panels and a metal utensil rail. Scroll through the display of celebs and their kitchens and get inspired!

4. Small Space Kitchen Ideas

10 Unique Small Kitchen Design Ideas, the Spruce

Not all kitchens have a large amount of space, but there’s still a lot to be accomplished with a smaller footprint.

“Small kitchens were practically made for remodeling. You can pour all of your creative energy into designing a small space because your dollar goes further.”

Showcasing 10 inspiring small kitchens from a variety of locations, take a tip or two on how to achieve your small-kitchen dreams. A few notable examples include the nautical kitchen with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains, the “Island Paradise” which offers openness surrounded by three walls, and “Thinking Inside the Box” with a unique solution for an oven location. It just goes to show it doesn’t take a mansion to have the coolest and best kitchen layouts. In fact you could argue there are even more options with less space. Let us know what kind of kitchen you prefer in the comment section and hold onto your hopes of having your “dream kitchen” even if you are limited by square feet.

5. From Past to Present, Kitchens of the Decades

Kitchens Through The Decades, Bath Plus Kitchen

Excuse the low-quality image, but if it reminds you of an ‘90s quality photograph, you’re on the right path. Our final article for this week goes over kitchen trends from the past decades to the present, starting with the ‘50s. it really is amazing to see where it started, from bright pastels and bubble shaped appliances of the ‘50s, all the way to today’s contemporary preferences and sharp-looking, shiny fixtures. Pictured above is one kitchen from the ‘90s, which we’re sure you’ve seen at least once in the past year in an outdated home. If only there was some magical way to blend together all the styles and trends of the previous 70 years to create some sort of super-kitchen setup… but for now we’ll keep on enjoying our veined marbles and clean edges of the present! Let us know your favorite decade of kitchens in the comments below!

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