Week of February 1st, 2021—Kitchen Islands & Residential Hosting Spaces

Week of February 1st, 2021—Kitchen Islands & Residential Hosting Spaces - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Welcome to February! In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday we cherish each year, we’re tackling appropriate design points this week. Focusing on spaces for hosting and entertainment and some gorgeous kitchens with stunning islands for food-display and guest arrangements, our top five designs of this week will have you scoring an inspiration touchdown!

Keep in mind, it’s still important to be socially-distant and continue to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t encourage large gatherings indoors, no matter how badly you want to show off your new interior renovations. Hopefully, once your kitchen remodel is complete, it will be safe to host your friends and family again. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section, and be sure to check out our website for any questions you might have. Enjoy!

1. Islands Inspiration for All

60 Kitchen Island Ideas That Serve Up Style and Functionality, Dwell

Our first design post this week comes from Dwell, and they offer 60 unique and stylish kitchen island setups. Ranging from small surfaces only a few square feet to massive marble and granite displays, there's an inspiration for every homeowner and home. Whether you're serving dinner nightly for a family of 6 and need the extra space for accommodations or just are looking for a basic, functional island, it can be hard finding the right material. However, not every home is fit for an island. It's important to recognize the space, as a long-narrow kitchen wouldn't likely need the addition - it would actually take away valuable space! Take a look through their wonderful gallery of islands, and let us know which one is your favorite!

2. Islands Outside the Box

14 Creative Kitchen Islands and Carts, HGTV

Our next feature provides a unique alternative to the kitchen island, perhaps smaller areas or spaces where flexibility matters a bit more than functionality. Alternatives to the traditional kitchen island include kitchen carts and salvaged tables - meant for entertaining and space-saving. These provide a stylish feature that is great for flexible spaces where you might want more of an open area in the kitchen. As shown above, a homeowner actually transformed a repurposed chest of drawers into this stunning kitchen cart - and the result was a kitchen centerpiece with all the traditional island features while adding great character! Check out the other unique cart solutions and let us know your favorite in the comments below.

3. Kitchen Island Upgrades and Elevations

50 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island, House Beautiful

Having a stunning kitchen island doesn't mean finding the priciest marble on earth and having a giant countertop space display. There are many ways to "elevate" your kitchen island without switching materials, size, or undergoing a complete island face-lift. There are many ways to add accompanying elements, such as the unique lighting fixture shown above, to add some flair and style to the island without actually changing it. Adding an element such as this pendant creates focus on the entire island area and gives the island some contrast to the surrounding room, which works perfectly in this scenario. "This, along with the magenta carafe and colorful tableware above the cabinets beyond, enliven the industrial elements of the kitchen like the stainless steel and concrete island."

Check out the rest of their island upgrades and let us know which one you envision in your home!

4. Indoor/Outdoor Hosting Spaces & Inspirations

Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Inspire Your Home Design, Toll Brothers

Many advantages come with having dedicated spaces for hosting/entertaining guests and an indoor and outdoor setup. Having the flexibility to wander outside in the warm weather, the opportunity to host larger crowds, and even having the option to grill outside are only a few perks of being able to transition seamlessly to an outdoor entertainment area. Check out the Toll Brothers article for a complete rundown on why they love outdoor spaces and all the advantages that accompany them! If nothing else, it's sure to add value to the home and increase natural sunlight, both major impacts just by having a flexible outdoor arrangement!

5. How to Host: Cold Weather Festivities

Hosting in the Home: Designing Your Space For A Winter Party, Shea Homes

Our last featured article of the week goes over a complete guide to hosting indoors during the colder months, which is usually especially prevalent during the Super Bowl timeframe. This year probably looks slightly different, but we'll remind you of this article in approximately a year or when we can safely gather indoors again. The article provides some basic tips for hosting in and around the kitchen area, such as always keeping an island's length away from the cook and crowd. Additionally, having a dining table that's adequate for conversation can be a driving factor in hosting and guest accommodations. Take a look at the article for the full list of tips and suggestions for your next wintertime indoor gathering!

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