Week of March 2, 2020 - Workplace and Office Design

Week of March 2, 2020 - Workplace and Office Design - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

The workplace of old with low natural light, drab walls and dated décor is increasingly being phased out in contemporary work society. Businesses have an increased awareness of work-life balance as the new age of office spaces focuses on providing employees a more comfortable working environment. Check out this week’s Top 5 Design Posts to see how offices are adapting to the new wave of employee needs.

1. The New Era of Offices

Co-working shouldn’t be a “playground for kids” says Fosbury & Sons founders, dezeen

Natural light and succulents are some of the many design trends that offices around the world are including in their workplaces to create a healthier work environment. Check out some other trendy offices that will promote a heightened sense of well-being and productivity.

2. It's in the Details

Firm Architects Creates the Epitome of a Good Office in Amsterdam, Design-Milk

Integrating furniture with high utility into the workplace is one of the innovative ways that offices are trying to redefine the work environment. See how Dutch investment managers, Amvest, have done this throughout their Amsterdam headquarters to promote productivity while lowering absences.

3. Business Casual in More Ways than One

This Sophisticated and Stylish London Coworking Space Stands Out in a Crowded Market, Work Design Magazine

Business casual hasn’t just changed the way we think about workplace attire, but it has also changed way we think about the environments we work in. Take a look at some of the measures this firm has taken to ensure their employees feel comfortable at work.

4. Wellness in the Workplace

First Look Inside WeWork’s Largest New Office Space, Architectural Digest

As the awareness of work-life balance has increased, many offices have begun incorporating wellness rooms and features into their office layout. Discover what you want in your dream office by checking out WeWork’s London office.

5. Bring Your Work Home with You

12 Country-Inspired Home Office Ideas, Better Homes & Gardens

An at-home workspace should be an extension of who you are and how you work. A space that will promote creativity, while also allowing you to complete a wide range of projects that you will feel proud of. Check out these at-home offices that will have you ready to start your next project.

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