Week of August 24th, 2020 – Pet Friendly Design

Week of August 24th, 2020 – Pet Friendly Design - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

August 26th brings us National Dog Day, which is a friendly reminder to give your furry friend some extra love, or maybe add another mile on your morning walk. ACI pup and 9-year-old Chocolate Labrador, Cocoa, dominates the house with her ever-wagging tail and always reminding us when it’s time for her food. Step inside the living room, and you’ll notice the carpet was re-done to match the color of her hair, a nice mocha.It’s no surprise homeowners go above and beyond when it comes to designing a home with a pet in mind which can present its own unique challenges. Even something as simple as incorporating a built-in dog feeding station can utilize space efficiently and present more options for design. It shouldn’t be a challenge, more like an opportunity to showcase some design chops while ensuring your pet will be living in their dream home as well! Take a look at our top 5 design posts of the week, featuring some pet-friendly design ideas that are sure to have your tail wagging!

1. Keeping Pets in Mind While Designing a Home

Designing a Pet Friendly House, BYHYU

This article provides insight on things to consider when planning a home-build with pets in mind! From the basics such as choosing materials that are easy-to-clean and adding a “pet station”, to the more complex concepts such as having a designated “pet window” or choosing a magnetic, stylish doggie door, there’s inspiration for everyone and their respective pet in this article. Check out their 9 design ideas on how to incorporate your pets into your next home-design project!

2. Interior Design to Keep the Tails Wagging

Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Pet Friendly Interior Design, Trendir

Now, for those who aren’t planning on a home-build anytime soon, and are comfortable in their own homes already, we present some tips and tricks for pet-friendly interior design. As mentioned in the introduction, some families choose to change their carpet to match pet fur, which was a design choice totally influenced by pet ownership. A flooring change also provides the opportunity to spice-up that whole area. Now, some might call changing the carpet a drastic move, and maybe not something everybody can agree with. However, this article provides a nice list of some basic tips to help your furry friend out around the house, such as avoiding wooden furniture around puppies, avoiding rugs, and even offering suggestions on pet-friendly décor that’s functional and stylish. Check out their ideas and think about switching it up this Fall, for your design taste needs and the pets benefit!

3. Trends for the Dogs and Designers

Dog-Friendly Design Trends, Midwest Home

Of course, there’s something to be said for a stylish and functional design, one that makes you wish you thought of it before you saw it. Have you ever considered a fully tiled dog spa and shower? Midwest Home provides their favorite interior design stylings for your pets, including of course the dog spa, a built-in pet buffet, and even boasting some canine-friendly landscaping options. Check out their trends and stay stylish with your pet this Fall!

4. More Fur-Friendly Design Trends

The Latest Home Design Trends For Your Fur Baby

Whether it’s a built-in eating station as showcased in the beginning of this article, a doggie bed station, or again seen is the dog washing station, there’s 3 great inspirations for your furry friend in this edition of design trends for dogs. Even if you don’t commit to a whole dug out built-in dog eating station, it can provide insight on maybe some more efficient and stylish ways to provide your pet with their meals. We went from a plain bowl to a raised eating-station, colored to match our cabinetry, and even if dogs are colorblind, you can’t help but feel as if Cocoa knows she’s being trendy as she licks the bowl clean three times a day. Check out this short article and admire the ideas and inspirations!

5. Designing Around Your Pets

How to Design Around Your Pets, Houzz

Rounding out this week’s top 5 design posts, we feature thisextensive article full of fantastic pictures and inspirations for the dream home built with your pet in mind. “Good design that keeps an owner’s pet in mind can not only be beautiful but also simplify the job of caring for their pets,” says Colorado interior designer Deidre Oliver of Oliver Designs. Utilizing trendy design insights that showcase taste as well as function for pets is something showcased in all their tips and advice. Our favorite might be the built-in bed underneath the cabinetry, providing pets with a central place to call home while staying out of the way. Check out the article, admire the adorable pictures, and get inspired to add some taste and functionality in your pets life!

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