Week of November 16th, 2020 - Unexpected Tile Uses

Week of November 16th, 2020 - Unexpected Tile Uses - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

This week, we decided to feature some unusual and underappreciated uses for tile, whether it be porcelain, ceramic, name it! From table tops, to art-work, and everything in-between, we found some of the best non-traditional uses for tile in and around hour home and are excited to share. Plus, we know we've been trying to focus on client education more, and we often stress the importance of ordering extra tile for coverage. In the event you have leftover tile that's ever non-returnable, we also found some unique ways to put those extra pieces to use in some unique and artistic ways!

Take a moment out of your busy Monday, or week, grab a nice cup of herbal tea, and turn off your stress for 5 minutes as you check out our top 5 designs of the week. Let us know your favorite in the comments below, and enjoy!

1. Unexpected Cement

10 Unexpected Ways to Use Cement Tiles, Sabrina Soto

cement backsplash

Our first pick of the week focuses on cement tiles, and some unique ways to use them that's not typical or traditional. Sabrina Soto brings us their guide to putting cement tiles to use in your home, but with a flair of creativity and designs that are outside the normal box of cement tile usage. Shown above are some cement tiles that really help make these shelves a standout feature, something very under-utilized in modern design trends. Coming from Sabrina, " When designing, the details are really what can make a room special. Create a unique moment in your kitchen or any room in your house by lining the inside of a shelf with colorful cement tiles. " Check out the other 9 cement-tile use inspirations and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

2. Unexpected Tile Use - Furniture Design

Gauged Porcelain Tile: Our New Favorite Furniture,

While, traditionally, tile is used on the floors and/or walls as a building material or decoration, there's so much potential for the material in other aspects of design. For starters, as porcelain is one of the strongest materials to work with, it can make great furniture as shown by WhyTile. Kitchen islands, benches, table-tops, even chairs can be formed from porcelain and create stunning works of functional art to add flair to a room where it's least expected. From WhyTile "Keep in mind that gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs can be used to create original furniture for a specific space (such as the desk in the photo above), or installed directly over other surface materials. The best way to determine whether the gauged porcelain tile furniture you have in mind is possible is to work directly with a designer and tile installer." Let us know your favorite way you'd like to use gauged porcelain as a furniture in your home!

3. Homemade Tile Table

How to Tile a Table (Upcycle With Me!), Collective Gen

A perfect idea for utilizing leftover or old tile in a unique and effective way, tiling a tabletop! (Try and say that 3 times fast!) Geneva Vanderzeil brings us her complete guide to making this table form scratch, starting from the source - she found the unfinished table as she was walking down the street one day and knew it was the ideal candidate for her upcoming project. She made height adjustments to the table itself by cutting down the legs to coffee table range, glued the tiles down and then added grout for a clean finish. It came out amazing, so be sure to check out the link and see the finished product!

4. Tile Overload

This Whimsical Dublin Restaurant Is Giving Us Major Tile Inspo, Architectural Digest

Too much tile? We never think that's an issue but we'll let you decide for yourself. Coming all the way from Dublin, Cinnamon brings unexpected flavor to the Irish, and not just in their food offerings.

"Cinnamon is quite the opposite of what one might expect in the Ballsbridge, an up-and-coming mixed-use area in Dublin, Ireland, that has mainly been home to office spaces and residences. It’s bold use of color and tile juxtapose the development’s once buttoned-up reputation."

Indeed it is quite something, and the only thing we're sure of is that we love seeing a retail space take their design to the next level and not worry about trends and formalities, and it pays off. With custom-designed tile and colors bursting at the seams, there's tile inspiration everywhere, and in some non-traditional places as well. Enjoy the article and let us know your favorite tile inside Cinnamon!

5. The Garden Feel Throughout

Palma hideaway in Mallorca is obscured form the street by a tiny tiled garden, Dezeen

Our final pick for the week takes us to Palma, Mallorca, as we dive in and explore this motorcycle-shop-turned-stunning-green-tile-garden-apartment. You know, those old motorcycle shops they convert into stunning works of art that include dark green tile starting at the entrance and continuing throughout the house to create a sense of lush greenery, complemented by actual planters? Well, if you're just getting hip to the new trend, look no further than Dezeen's display to this stunning residence. We loved the glossy green and how it's so serene against the busy street, offering the perfect separation. Let us know our favorite part in the comments below!

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