Week of February 8th, 2021 — Chinese New Year Inspirations

Week of February 8th, 2021 — Chinese New Year Inspirations - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Greetings to all of our fellow designers and tile-lovers alike! This week we bring you a special edition of our top 5 design posts, featuring some truly unique designs showcasing Asian culture and heritage. In honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year on February 12th, we celebrate the year of the Ox. 2021 pays tribute to all who are diligent and dependable, according to Chinese Tradition. Some other fun facts about this year’s Chinese New Year: the lucky colors are white, yellow, and green and the lucky numbers are 1 and 4.

With Valentine’s Day also right around the corner and the color red representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success, and good fortune in Chinese culture, this week perfectly highlights Asian inspired designs. Check out the articles below and let us know your favorite in the comments below, and as always, enjoy!


1. A Taste of Asian Design

15 Asian-Inspired Design Ideas, HGTV


Our first featured article brings us a taste of Asian design influence while not diving headfirst into an all-Asian inspired interior. HGTV brings us their 15 Asian-Inspired Design Ideas with accompanying photos to provide some cultural inspiration and what better time to do so than with the upcoming Chinese New Year! Each picture comes with a breakdown of the elements, and shown above is the “simplistic style,” featuring dark wood furniture that plays along well with the modern, sleek style. Note the bamboo and lampshade create eco-friendly elements within the space to feel more relaxed and closer to tranquility. Check out the other 14 design inspirations, and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


2. Modern Interiors with Chinese Influence

Two Modern Interiors Inspired By Traditional Chinese Décor, Home Designing

Chinese inspired living room


Our next featured article focuses on two interior spaces designed and inspired around Chinese influences while again not appearing overwhelming in any one aspect. While blending tradition with modern power, these interiors showcase some of the best Asian-inspired interior design elements while keeping things sleek and chic, like the open living room and kitchen shown above. While appearing warm and approachable without seeming too sophisticated, this living room showcase some of Asia’s best design influences, like the dark wood and oriental decorations. Check out the other photos and interior number two with the link above, and let us know your favorite part of each interior!


3. Chinese Interior Stylings and Decorations

20 Chinese Home Decorations in the living Room, Home Design Lover

contemporary-leaning interior


Having Chinese or Asian design elements within your home is as simple as adding a few key pieces of decor or even switching up the furniture arrangement to achieve a refreshed feel. Shown above is a lofted living room with plenty of natural light. Of course, we see our wooden cart in the background providing some Asian influence and the low coffee table along with refined, oriental furnishings. Check out the link for the complete guide on adding Asian inspiration without a complete transformation, and let us know which elements you see fit in your home!


4. Chinese Design Trends

Chinese Interior Design Trends, LuxDeco

Chinese Interior Design _ Coromandel Screens _ David Collins Studio _ Read more in the Style Guide


Coming up in our penultimate featured article, we’re covering some of the ins and outs of the Chinese interior design world as we dive into some of the hottest trends in that realm. While the article answers the question “What is Chinese Interior Design?”, there’s a whole lot more to offer than just an overview of the basic design scheme. From Ming Dynasty tables, one of the hottest trends in Chinese interior design, separating screens, the use of latticework, and even the ever-favorite bamboo elements, you’ll master your understanding of Chinese influence after checking out this article. With plenty of inspirations from their featured pictures to the accompanying style guide, this is one essential article for any lover of Chinese/Asian inspired interior design. Enjoy!


5. Complete Chinese Interior Style Guide

Chinese Interior Design Style Overview and Description, SmallDesignIdeas

Panoramic windows and open shelves for wooden trimmed apartment


Our final featured article of the week brings us a complete style guide for all things Chinese interior-design based, from the history of prominent Chinese design inspirations to the distinctive features that make each element worth its beauty. It doesn’t have to be all wooden and monotone, as the article presents the influence of color and how much of an impact bright colors and patterns have on Chinese design. You’d be surprised how flooring can come into play in Chinese design. Check out the article above for the complete guide, and let us know which design element is your favorite!


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