Week of July 22nd, 2019 - History of Design

Week of July 22nd, 2019 - History of Design - Architessa

Each decade has its own unique style or set of trends. Chances are, you picture very different designs when you think of the 20s vs the 70s. If you need a refresher, you can get a crash course in architecture and design from this handy Décor Aid article.

While interior design styles are eternally evolving, sometimes contemporary designers borrow from the past to create something new. This week, we have selected design projects that pull from classic inspirations or point towards the future.

1. Hotels Infused with History

Five Hotels Infused With History,Interior Design

Retaining the authenticity of a building and borrowing from the past in design adds character to these hotels. From leaving original walls or fireplaces to paying homage to the legacy of a space, there are many ways to incorporate historical elements into a project. We are all about the nostalgia factor here!

2. 1930s Cars and Color

Vintage cars inform design of Garage Pompen & Verlouw restaurant in Den Bosch, dezeen

The 1930s were an era of Hollywood glamour and luxury automobiles. That stylish feeling is exactly what this restaurant strives to capture. The dining room is actually a transformed garage which further adds to the sleek car-inspired design.

3. Modern Design

Guide to Modern StyleYour Guide to Modern Style, houzz

The term “Modern” gets thrown around a lot, but it has a very specific meaning in the design world. Modern design refers to a style of architecture and interiors that emphasize form and structure over ornamentation. A clean, streamlined look is usually the result. This Houzz article lays out the basics.

Our partner Sagatov Design Build has some Modern projects – check them out.

4. Design for the Open Road

2019 RV Design Trends, Camp the Mitten

Times they are a-changing. With more people working remotely, options like working remotely and living in RVs are becoming more popular. Even Architectural Ceramics’ own Lisa O’Donnell (Material Bank expert extraordinaire) has opted for camper living. Watch out – she might stop by for a visit if she’s in the neighborhood! Designing for recreational vehicles can be tricky, but the right touches can make it feel like home.

5. Designing for the Future

Workplace of the Future: Designing to Recruit Top Talent, Work Design

Looking at the evolution of architecture and design, we would be amiss not to mention the future. Overall physical and mental wellness in the workplace are a huge priority for Millennial and Gen Z employees as they search for jobs. This article examines some design principles to keep in mind when designing for employee retention (along with some lovely pictures of the Interface HQ.)

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