New Product Updates

Inspiration can come from anywhere and at Architessa, we know just where to look. In finding and sourcing materials from all over the world, we bring the souvenirs from our own tile journeys into the hearts and homes of our clients. Our team launches products separately for our residential and commercial segments, ensuring product availability & usage matches its respective vertical. Architessans love to share our New Product Updates so reach out to your rep or local showroom for a presentation. If your prefer a self-guided tour, check out the latest commercial and residential launches below or explore all 2023 Collections here.

Architessa is kicking off the new year full steam ahead, by launching nine new tile collections. Discover our first launches of 2023. Our stock program has grown this. month, adding an impressive Zellige collection called TANGIER, select products in our recently launched porcelain collections, CANDOR, and BERWICK, and our Architessa Natural Stone Stock Program has three new stones; CALACATTA GRIS, FIUME, and QUANTUM. We also launched CLERMONT, a new special order porcelain collection, and DAVENPORT PATTERNS, a robust suite of decorative porcelains, both beautiful and durable. All these mentioned collections can be explored above using the above buttons. Below, we have more additions you can browse separately. Discover HUSTLE GLASS, our latest colorful recycled glass collection, view an updated DAVENPORT brochure, which now includes patterns, and see the new stones again in our updated Stock Stone Catalog.

If you haven't noticed yet, we have revamped our Catalog page & every product image on our website to kick off the new year. On the Catalog page, we have added a visual reference to each brochure, and created the first section to house some of our most sought after materials. In additional to the catalog page, every product image on our website has been updated & expanded to provide you the best images we can. Products may show range photos, videos, mood boards, and more. We have also improved the product swatches & drop-down navigations in order to find products easier in expansive collections, as on occasion we need to show up to 100 SKUs in larger collections. Please use the search bar to find products no longer showing on the catalog page so you can experience all the website image improvements we have made.
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