Firing Up a New Look - Can I Tile a Fireplace?

Firing Up a New Look - Can I Tile a Fireplace?


With summer coming to an end, our minds turn toward cooler seasons ahead. We think of pumpkins and trees changing colors, and cozying up to a warm fire to listen to logs crackling. The fireplace will always feel like the heart of the house - not only providing warmth, but serenity and comfort. During this time of transition, we might be thinking we would love to spruce up our fireplace - but how? Yes, there is the traditional brick surround, but with the tile industry constantly firing up new ideas the design choices really are endless!


Let’s start off with why tile is a great material for decorating your fireplace.

1) Is it safe to use tile on a fireplace? Throughout its creation process, tile endures temperatures far greater than your fireplace will ever reach. The finished product is a beautiful, durable material that can withstand temperatures up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest assured that your tile will be safe around a fireplace.

2) Do fireplace tiles give off fumes? Tile is made from organic material and is formaldehyde- and VOC- (volatile organic compound) free. This means that when you turn your fireplace on, the tile won’t give off any harsh chemicals. Safe for pets and the whole family!

3) Why should I tile my fireplace? There is so much tone, texture, and feel you can add into your living space with just the small touch of a vibrant tile. Think of making your fireplace a work of art!


 I’m sure you’re thinking - can stone go on a fireplace too? The answer is yes!


Slim Slab Calacatta Fireplace


Stone fireplaces have been around for ages not only for style, but because stone lasts for decades and will add extra value to your home. 


Fantastic Arni Tile


Imagine cozying up at night with a cup of tea to our Fantastic Arni marble. Talk about a showstopper. Or for the more eclectic look you could tile your fireplace surround with our Taza Green Deco Tile and partner it with some matching 2x6’s.


Taza Tile


A little West Coast, and maybe I’m California Dreamin’, but this would look fantastic!


Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the body of the fireplace. What are the parts of a fireplace?

Surround - The area of wall space that encompasses the fireplace. Most fireplaces have paint that surrounds the area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use tile! It’s another way to add some personality to your room.

Mantel - This is one most people know already, but let’s go over it anyway. It’s the shelf that sit on top of the fireplace and is another great area to tile as an accent piece for the fireplace. What a way to think outside the box!

Face - The front piece that juts out, and the mantle sits right on top of it. Choosing a contrasting color will help to create some dimension in the room.

Firebox - This is the part of the fireplace where the fire will be burning.

 Tile Fireplace in Living Room

Sometimes remodels can feel overwhelming with too many choices. A fireplace is a lighter project to take on and a good way to get yourself into a creative mindset. Now that we have covered all the bases for the anatomy of the fireplace, and look at some new design inspiration ideas, do you think you’re ready to take on a new project?


Emily King