Green Tile: From Classic to Bold, Inspiration For Your Next Project

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Green Tile: From Classic to Bold, Inspiration For Your Next Project - Architessa


Green has emerged as the contemporary "neutral," effortlessly weaving itself into any design palette. More than just a color, green tile offers a blend of beauty and versatility that breathes life into spaces. Let us guide you through our top picks for green tile that promise to transform your environment - commercial or residential.


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Green Tile: Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone

Depending on it's hue, green can soften a room or become a moody element. Here are some of our top green tile selections:



Lots of classic green tones are available to combine within ALTO, including sage, emerald, and delicate mint tones. Adding to the rich palette of this collection are the Ligne matte relief pieces that provide additional texture to create even more interior design possibilities.



An underrated green hue is Olive, MIST has a watercolor-look finish. This green ceramic wall tile is perfect for adding gentle-yet-impactful green color to a space.



DIRECTIONS green porcelain dimensional wall tile creates a striking emerald space with lines that provide playful texture. Whether it a kitchenette backsplash, a feature wall, or a bathroom - this tile is visually eye-catching and highly-Instagrammable. This has become a favorite accent tile for both Commercial and Residential spaces.

VERT green marble-look large-format porcelain brings commercial spaces to the next level. Achieve the timeless allure of green marble without compromising on sustainability. Porcelain tile is a sustainable material with low environmental impact and is built to last.



On the other hand, if you want stone authenticity, DIOSA VERDE is the crème de la crème of green marble. This green marble tile embodies the essence of opulence and transforms spaces into something otherworldly.



A subtle hint of green in this stunning marble mosaic. COLLINS takes inspiration from the Art Deco era. 




You can't talk about green tile without talking about tile variation. Green hues ebb and flow naturally, and variation is often desirable with greens to create a natural aesthetic. But whether desired or not, you must always consider variation when planning your tile installation with your installer.

With certain tile, variation is always something to consider and connect with your installer. Remember to consider these three steps for tile with variation:

1. Sample

2. Order Overage

3. Inspect & Drylay

Shop Tile: 2.5x5 Fez Mint Matte Field Tile



It's hard to not love green, it reminds us of the beauty of the great outdoors. Bring nature into your space and Zen your next project in with any of these options. From commercial cafes to tiled laundry rooms and tile accent walls, green tile just might be that lucky touch.


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