Architessa Tile; Sourcing Fun at Coverings

Whether you have been perusing our website, visiting one of our 7 showrooms, or just visiting a friend’s new renovation who happens to be one of our recent clients, you may find yourself asking, “Where does Architessa find all of this beautiful and unique tile?”

We are lucky to have extremely talented tile aficionados with many years of experience not only searching the ends of the earth for the perfect tile for us to offer, but also the hard work and time that goes into building the relationships with tile manufacturers from all over the world. Those relationships are key to great customer service, having the opportunity to score the latest and greatest looks first, and of course a dreamy product assortment along with all the accessories, otherwise known as the fine details.

One of the best ways to stay on top of new trends, refined classics, and everything in between is an annual trip to Coverings, the largest tile show in North America. We are recently back from the 2022 event and after meeting and reconnecting with hundreds of global companies, we are better connected than ever to our vendor partners and clients. The tactile nature of the tile industry will never dissipate and as technology advances, "putting eyes" on the tile becomes even more important as our industry advances. This year we had the pleasure of bringing part of our commercial and residential team with us. We had a day of team building, followed by 3 days of walking miles and miles around the Las Vegas Convention Center for scheduled meetings with suppliers and falling in love with all of the new tiles we haven’t seen before or in person. For us #architessans it is more magical than Disney World!

Check out some of what we saw in our 2022 Coverings Pinterest Board.

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