Architessa Core Values

Meet the Architessans!

Architessa is proud of the community of hardworking, dedicated and caring people it employs. What we do wouldn’t be possible if not for the time and effort that everyone puts in, not just in their workday, but volunteering in the community too.

Executive Team


Portrait Image of David Arabe

David has been with Architessa for 11 years and enjoys using his experiences and expertise to better serve his clients. When he's not at work, you can find him at home with his wife, 2 year old son, and (soon to be) newborn daughter.

David Arabe

A&D Sales, National Hospitality

Portrait Image of Diana Benesh

Diana Benesh holds a degree in Interior Design and has 10+ years of tile experience at Architessa. When she's not creating beautiful spaces for her clients, she's traveling with her family.

Diana Benesh

Internet Sales

Portrait Image of Kymberlee Braselton

Kymberlee Braselton is a creative innovator discovering new ways to collaborate with the A&D world. When she's not playing with tile, you'll find her exploring the outdoors with her twins.

Kymberlee Braselton

A&D Sales, Atlanta

Joey_Caponiti - Architessa

Joey’s exceptional knowledge of the tile industry and interior design are the predominant forces for his success with Architessa. His personalized attention and dedication to each project results in the highest level of quality and client satisfaction.

Joseph Caponiti  

A&D Sales, Maryland

Kim Delay found her passion for tile 13 years ago, and has grown her knowledge by hands-on experience in the tile industry. She loves her new role with the SE team, and outside of work you can find her playing golf or watching movies with her son.

Kimberly DeLay

Inside Sales Representative

Ashland Faunce has a B.S. from High Point University in Interior Design, which she uses passionately for her role as Commercial Inside Sales in Richmond. Her favorite thing to do is take trips with her son and puppy to the OBX.

Ashland Faunce

Inside Sales, Richmond

Jill_Fedie - Architessa

Jill Fedie runs the SE sales team. She's an adept designer and is passionate about the industry, and the clients we work with to create incredible spaces!  She enjoys cooking, yoga, golf, and her dog Zeus.

Jill Fedie

SE Commercial Sales Manager

Chris Hill has committed the last 10 years with the inside commercial sales team to build a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and responsibility. He enjoys playing competitive soccer with a rec league in Baltimore. 

Chris Hill

Inside Sales Manager

Jake Mathew leaves no stone unturned and is solutions oriented and driven here in commercial sales. Outside of work, he's a tech junkie who loves guitars, cars, and making folks laugh.

Jake Mathew

Inside Sales Representative

Jim has over 20 years of experience managing commercial sales teams and guiding clients. Outside of work he loves photography, travel, golf, peloton, family time and a well-manicured lawn.

Jim McCourt

DC Metro Commercial Sales Manager

Joe Matthew has committed 5+ years as a member of our commercial sales team. Joe is a proud husband and father of 2 boys and brings the same level of commitment, loyalty, and integrity that he has for his family to his team at Architessa.

Joe Matthew  

Inside Sales Representative

Tia Maxie is determined to win and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is fun-loving, energetic and magnetic. Her children call her the best mom in the universe! 

Tia Maxie

A&D Sales, NOVA

Monica Meade, VP at Architessa, is a seasoned interior design professional with 20+ years of expertise. Formerly at Marriott and Leo A. Daly, she's known for her commitment to clients' visions. Leading Architessa's commercial design team, Monica sets new standards, weaving beauty, innovation, and timeless elegance into every project.

Monica Meade

VP of Strategic Accounts & Business Development

Andy began in the tile industry working with his brothers as a setter. On the weekends you can find him hiking in the mountains or relaxing on the beach with his girlfriend and his dog Bubba.

Andy Nielson

Inside Sales Representative

Dana_Omdahl_headshot_selfie_adb31de6-21fa-4de9-81bf-916188358fc8 - Architessa

Dana comes from the construction world and enjoys all things design. During the weekends you can find her at a Hopkins football game or bouncing around Baltimore's hole-in-the-wall bars, restaurants, and music venues.

Dana Omdahl

National Commercial ISR

Lisa_CC - Architessa

Lisa O Donnell has supported Architessa for over 20 years as family members and part owner. Currently, she serves as a national commercial sales rep. Her favorite activity is trying new restaurants with clients.

Lisa O'Donnell

Material Bank Sales Rep

Matthew_Ohan - Architessa

Matthew Ohan inside and out is a "carefree type" person. When he is not providing samples and pricing to our clients for our Atlanta branch, you can find him spending as much time as possible with his family.

Matt Ohan  

Inside Sales Representative

Kelin_Peterson_color_corrected - Architessa

Kelin is an interior designer with a passion for animals, farming, and people. She's a prayer warrior, DIY-er, city girl turned farm girl, and dreams of traveling the world.

Kelin Petersen

Inside Sales Representative

Phil has over 20 years of commercial interior architectural design experience, and is a creative and passionate sales professional. He finds rejuvenation through the outdoors.

Phil Purgason

A&D Sales, Virginia

Xavier was born and raised in Montgomery County and really enjoys his work at Architessa. He is a father of two high energy boys. Loves TV shows, movies and sports (especially baseball!) Health is wealth.

Xavier Rojas 

Inside Sales Representative

Christy has been with Architessa for nearly 10 years, and when not managing projects for the commercial team, she enjoys painting, crocheting, interior design, or bingeing The Office with her husband, daughter and cats.

Christy Scaljon

Inside Sales Representative

Avery is a team player. After completing a B.S. in Business Admin., he continued his development, gaining experience in quality management, logistics, and tile sales. Some of his favorite pastimes are making music, traveling with his wife, trying new restaurants, and going to church.

Avery Taylor

Inside Sales Representative

Joanne Washington 

Inside Sales Representative

Deborah_Webb - Architessa

Deborah Webb

Inside Sales Representative

Rockville Showroom

Anne Hollwedel has worked in the design & architecture industry over the past decade. In her free time, she enjoys design, knitting, gardening, and spending time with her 10 month old daughter.

Anne Hollwedel

Sales Design Consultant

Blanca Sullivan has worked in customer service and retail for over 5 years, and has 1 year of retail management experience, during which she was awarded “Budget Crusher of the Year”. She enjoys writing poetry, singing, and finding other ways to use her creativity.

Blanca Sullivan

Sales Support

Cerissa_Fitz_edited - Architessa

With an extensive background in Law, Education, Personal Training, and Design, Cerrissa Fitz has done it all. Before opening her design firm in 2018, she was a designer and stager for a well-known DC firm. Cerrissa creates layered and timeless designs and loves meeting new clients and getting to know them personally.

Cerrissa Fitz

Sales Design Consultant

Dominick Szabo

Sales Design Consultant

Kristen Howard has committed 19 years to the residential sales dept. She works with designers & builders, who she has built long-term relationships with. In downtime, she travels the world with her husband.

Kristen Howard

Account Manager Residential

Marie_Page_Headshot - Architessa

Marie turned her passion for interior design and art into a career. Traveling the world and daily nature walks with her family are just a few sources for her design inspiration.

Marie Page

Sales Design Consultant

Michael Kilgore is a seasoned design pro with 13+ years in design & tile. In 2018, he founded his own design firm. He excels in building lasting customer relationships & can craft any style. In his free time, he enjoys spontaneous weekend getaways & spending time with his dog, Jackson.

Michael Kilgore

Sales Design Consultant

Baltimore Showroom

I have been in flooring sales for about 2 years. I started off with LVT, carpet, and hardwood (solid and engineered). I have a degree in graphic and web design and I enjoy hanging out with my family, listening to music, and reading books.

Brittany Elouai

Sales Support

Phil Smith

Sales Design Consultant

Washington D.C. Showroom

Bruno is the Sales Support in the Architessa’s Washington DC showroom. He has an architectural background and started working in the tile world in Brazil. In his time off, he likes to cook and find new places to visit in the DMV.

Bruno Feranades

Sales Support

Desiree McCrorey is a DMV native with an eclectic design sense - loving to mix textures, styles and patterns. When she is not in the showroom, you can find her with her two rottweiler fur babies, Thor and Phoenix.

Desiree McCrorey

Sales Design Consultant

JT Christensen has been in the tile industry for nearly 15 years, and loves using natural material with dramatic variation in his projects. He has a feisty schnauzer named Yoshi and is an avid contemporary art museum goer.

JT Christensen

Sales Design Consultant

Judie_Simons_f3f27963-dffb-4fe2-8868-6b5a87152b79 - Architessa

Judi Simon has worked in the design field for many years. Originally from California, she brings creativity & originality to her work. She's a people person who enjoys connecting with clients, friends & family.


Judi Simon

Sales Design Consultant

Alexandria Showroom

There is no project too large or too small for Jo-Jo. She is vibrant, very committed to her clients and is a force to be reckoned with. With an eye for fashion, you'll never catch her in the same outfit twice!

Jo-Jo Reyna

Sales Design Consultant

Qway works as Sales Support in the Alexandria Showroom and has been in the home improvement industry since 2021. On weekends she runs a freelance photography business where she gets to meet and interact with new people every week.

Qway Sharp

Sales Support

Vienna Showroom

Colleen Durant is the sales support for Architessa's Vienna showroom. She is a traditionally trained artist with a degree in Illustration. In her downtime, she enjoys painting, gardening, and rearranging her furniture for a fresh look.

Colleen Durant

Sales Support

Eric Garcia has worked in Luxury Design for 20 years. When he is not working at Architessa Vienna, you can find him on the local community theater stage or performing arts center.

Eric Garcia

Sales Design Consultant

Greg_Williams - Architessa

Greg is an accomplished IT sales executive who recently joined the Vienna showroom as a Sales & Design Consultant. At work he is passionate about innovation, design, and customer success. In his spare time he enjoys long distance bicycle touring, hiking and camping.

Greg Williams

Sales Design Consultant

Marianna loves working with clients spending a lot of time designing beautiful areas in their homes. When she is not in the showroom she does yoga, reads a lot and cooks delicious meals for her family!

Marianna Ouzdanova

Sr. Sales Design Consultant

Richmond Showroom

Brittany_White - Architessa

Brittney White is a VCU art grad with 6 years of experience in project management & design sales, during which time she has built great relations with contractors. In her free time, you can find her painting, exploring the outdoors, or traveling with her 2 children.

Brittney White  

Sales Design Consultant


Eliza Chan has been with Architessa for over 5 years and built the CS team based on our 4 core values. She enjoys downtime when possible with an energetic and active 12-month-old.

Eliza Chan

Customer Service Manager

Reyna Bernardini has worked in several positions at Architessa including Customer Service, Sales Support, and Sales. Now she is facilitating the ongoing training with current and new hires. She enjoys visiting her family in Florida, and planning adventures with her two

Reyna Bernardini

Corporate Training Specialist

Matthew Drobnak has been spent the past year creating and strengthening relationships at Architessa. For the past 20 years he has worked in the tile and stone industry as an installer, inside sales rep, manager, and business development manager. He enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors and playing pickleball in his free time.

Matthew Drobnak

Residential Business Development

Steve_Gibbs - Architessa

Steve Gibbs has been in the tile industry since 2007, working in both sales and order management. He enjoys watching sports, including the Atlanta Braves and most importantly... Florida State football.

Steve Gibbs  

Commercial CS Rep

Denise is an Army Veteran that has been with Architessa for over 10 years. Very dependable and always there when you need her. 

Denise Grullon

Residential CS Rep

With 20+ years experience in the design/flooring industry, Kimberly has seen it all. She is usually watching scary movies or the Washington Capitals with her fur-babies and spending quality time at local vineyards with her husband.

Kimberly Hubert-Mejia

Residential Sales Manager

Courtney Knoerlein champions marketing efforts by keeping the website running smoothly and leading creative content as Architessa’s Marketing Manager. She spends her free time performing in local community theatre productions.

Courtney Knoerlein

Marketing Manager

Prasanna Kumara

Staff Accountant

Austin_Meyer_Headshot_c5563628-42eb-4b9c-b851-7cfbd7cea3c1 - Architessa

Austin is specialized in email marketing, photography, copywriting, SEO, and graphic design. He appreciates and advocates creativity, and outside of work can be found photographing homes, weightlifting, or working on cars.

Austin Meyer

Marketing Specialist

Tanisha has been in the tile game for several years and found her niche in customer support. She thinks outside the box and gets great accomplishment from getting the best results out of every situation. Nisha plays pool in her free time and is a great shot caller and an even better shot.

Nisha Mills

Customer Service Rep

Bonnie_Perry - Architessa

Bonnie Perry is the charitable type who gives to those in need. When not working as AP Specialist at Architessa she enjoys museums, volunteering and watching Lifetime movie marathons.


Bonnie Perry  

Accounts Payable Specialist

Shanta Peru

Product & Merchandising Manager

Alexia is a lover of all things art. Fitting to her role in the marketing team, she strives to incorporate creativity into all things produced.

Alexia Gonzales

Marketing & Content Specialist

Julie Taury has spent two decades in the tile industry, building an unparalleled skill set to navigate it's many unpredictable surprises.  She's a coffee enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors, and resides in NZ.

Julie Taury

Chief Innovation Officer

Anthony Vincente is the patient type and loves to help others. When not collecting money for Architessa he enjoys traveling, shopping and watching good movies.

Anthony Vincente

Collections Accountant


Ernest Carlton always enjoys working with clients and coworkers alike! As our samples fulfillment manager, he takes great joy in getting our clients their desired samples quickly and correctly.

Ernest Carlton III

Product Fulfillment Manager

Cristian_Cerrate_v2 - Architessa

Christian Cerrate is very proud of the monthly goals that his department has recently achieved. When outside the workplace, you can find him with friends, talking about sports, gaming, or doing college homework.

Cristian Cerrate

Product & Merchandising Coordinator

Laura_Collins_v2 - Architessa

Laura Collins has lived in the tile world for almost 20 years with Architessa, wearing every hat imaginable. She currently steers the helm of our product team, but her favorite role is wife and mom of 3 daughters with one crazy pup tagging along.

Laura Collins

VP of Operations

Kris Conti has decades of experience working in the tile industry. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking.

Kris Conti

Purchasing Agent

Nelson_Crowell_v2 - Architessa

Nelson Crowell 

Product Fulfillment - Samples

Marlon Elliott has 15 years experience in warehousing, distribution, and freight forwarding. At Architessa, he coordinates our nationwide logistics. In his free time, you can find him playing or watching soccer and listening to music.

Marlon Elliott 

Logistics Coordinator

Abraham Garcia is the sample production director, and is committed to developing new ways to get samples to our customers efficiently. Out of the office, he’s a photographer who loves sports and hiking.

Abraham Garcia

Samples Production Director

Kelsey Grant 

Purchasing Agent

Milton_v2 - Architessa

Milton Guevara likes working in the warehouse serving customers. During the week he is going to our showrooms making sure he meets their samples needs.

Milton Guevara

Merchandising & Warehouse Counter

Kevin_Langhorn_v2 - Architessa

Kevin Langhorn 

Warehouse Packer

Jose is a very helpful person. When he's not at the service desk, he's assisting the customers in the warehouse.

Jose Lazo

Warehouse Counter

Tilarbe has been a truck driver for Architessa for the last year in Baltimore, making timely, safe, and efficient deliveries. In his free time, he enjoys practicing Afro dances.

Tilarbe Ouadja 

CDL Driver

Patrick_Pearson_v2 - Architessa

Patrick Pearson 

CDL Driver

Chuck Poole has been with Architessa since 2016. He started as the samples dept. manager and advanced to the regional warehouse manager. He enjoys all DMV sports and quality lawn care.

Chuck Poole

Regional Warehouse Manager

Chuck Poole Sr. 

Samples Packer

Craig_Rowin_v2 - Architessa

Craig Rowin

Stock Purchasing Assistant

Howard Williams is a fun, happy, loving person. When he's not at work, you can catch him home playing videogames or spending time with friends and family.

Howard Williams 

Warehouse Receiver

Corey Williams 

Product Fulfillment Specialist

Cortez Williams 

Product Fulfillment Specialist

Giving Back


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