Questions Regarding Shade Variation


Tile can vary slightly or considerably from lot to lot.

If there is a concern about the shade that the client will be receiving, order a sample or view images of the current lot before ordering.

If the tile is determined to be out of acceptable range, re-select to a different tile.

Each series and color will have different types of variation.

In the case of dramatic variation, it can be extremely different from the sample.  In this instance, the final selection should be made from more than one piece.

Questions Regarding Trim Variation


The trims are fired at a different time than the field tile, so the normal shade variation from lot to lot should be expected.

Typically, the stone and rustic “look” trims have a greater variation than a uniform color tile.

Currently, few factories have the modern (and expensive) technology that is required to put texture and uniform color on the edge of a trim piece.

If there is any concern about the tile or trim coordinating, order a sample.

If your bullnose does have the color and texture on the edge, it will be a more expensive tile.

Questions Regarding Overall Appearance

Tile and labor are typically warranted for a one-year period to be free from hidden defects. A hidden defect is defined as a manufacturing defect or a problem that could not be detected before installation.

Defects should be reported immediately to Architectural Ceramics upon inspection of the tile.

You will be purchasing extra tile to leave in your home for such an incident – a tile with a defect, a poor cut, broken tile, future repairs, etc.

The extra tile you have purchased will be used for repairs. If additional tile is needed, we will do our best to obtain the closest shade / die lot possible for repair.

You just sweep, vacuum and mop using a neutral cleaner on a regular basis. Complete maintenance information can be provided by request from the manufacturer when purchasing..

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