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Capsule Edits at Home are a specialized journey of our main capsule, designed to create story-driven aesthetics for residential rooms, but can be generally applied to any space in a home. Capsule Edits could feature inspiration for a tiled foyer, a tiled wall or backsplash, and a feature wall - but the aesthetic could be welcomed in a bathroom, kitchen, or any other room. You can generally mix and match material, when suitability allows.


Craft your own Coastal Cottage.

Nesting in Nantucket captures the essence of a small seaside cottage nestled in a picturesque cove.

Coastal kitchen

Blonde-colored wood-look porcelain floor tile, light neutral marble checkerboard tile, faintly blue fluted tile, and hand-painted terracotta tile all cohesively combine to create a space that is uniquely eclectic, personable, and inviting in this coastal kitchen. Coastal tile makes cooking & eating in this beautiful coastal kitchen a relaxing escape from the stress of the outside world.


blue marble bathroom floor tile
An emphasis on natural materials through pebble tile and marble bathroom floor tile with hues of blue, complimented by textured neutrals and greys, creates a calming coastal environment that is easy on the eyes and reminiscent of a cape town beach. This coastal bathroom is your own personal sanctuary, and best paired with the fragrance of beach sand and fresh linen. Bonus! - create dimension and add a pattern with MIRAZUR White Matte Fan Tile.
Organic coastal design

Leaning into coastal botanical elements like seaweed, seagrass, and shrubbery, this color palette draws inspiration from the shoreline, both timeworn and timeless. This coastal backsplash elicits a connection with nature through botanical tiled design.


Coastal design quotes

Anatomy of Nesting in Nantucket

Nesting in Nantucket captures the tranquil charm of a small island cottage, transforming your home into a peaceful haven. This collection brings the soothing essence of Nantucket’s coastal beauty to your doorstep. Imagine the gentle sea breeze and sunshine as you step a room painted in cool and neutral hues, reminiscent of a quaint seaside village. Natural textures and calming colors invite you to unwind, offering a sanctuary from everyday life. Transform any room into a picturesque escape, where seaside beauty meets the comfort of home.


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Explore these curated Nesting in Nantucket products fit for your home: 

Blue marble tile
Wood look slat porcelain tile
white pebble tile
handpainted terracotta tile
wood look porcelain tile
marble checkerboard tile
black ceramic subway tile
porcelain tile mosaic
carved ceramic wall tile

Now that you're inspired, it's time to design your very own Nantucket retreat. These tiles transform any room into a serene coastal haven, reminiscent of a quaint island cottage. The only thing missing is the sea breeze and saltwater. While you surely have many ideas on how to craft your space with this coastal tile, creating a truly unique room is always easier with the help of a professional interior designer specialized in tile. Request an appointment to book a free design consultation with one of our expert designers.





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