Focusing on Small Tile But Thinking Big

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Focusing on Small Tile But Thinking Big - Architessa

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By Dina Santorelli

Decocer, a Spain-based maker of custom-made tile, is setting its sights firmly on the U.S. market.

Known for its small-size ceramic products for manufacturers, distributors, architects and other design professionals, Decocer currently sells throughout the United States, which is the company's primary client and accounts for more than 50% of sales. According to Veronica Obrero, general sales manager, the company has "done a great investment in capacity" to in-crease sales in the US. In five years' time, company executives intend to grow the U.S. business even more, by at least 20%-30%.

"The United States is our top strategic, priority client," Obrero said. "It's a highly professional and demanding market. High-quality work is appreciated and acknowledged there. This aspect is very important for our company."


Decocer tile backsplash and floor installations


Decocer currently has a robust logistics network in the States to ensure products reach their destinations on time and in optimal condition. In addition to a specialized sales department, the company participates in Coverings, the annual tile and stone trade show, and flies executives in regularly to work closely with its partners.

Since Decocer creates custom products, there is no need to maintain a U.S. warehouse as everything is made to order. "However, undoubtedly, as we continue to grow and gain a stronger presence in the small-format tile market in the United States, we will carefully consider all options to provide the best service and support to our customers," Obrero noted.

Indeed, Decocer already has an enthusiastic U.S. fan base. "As a company committed to providing beautiful and unique products to our clients, we have found Decocer to be a valuable resource for many of our prominent projects," said Karen Pearse, founder and CEO of New York-based Karen Pearse Global Direct, a boutique core group of professionals with expertise in project management, material sourcing, technical drawings and logistics. "These great ceramic treasures will continue to add beauty and elegance to our collection."

"Their passion for making quality tile is superb."

David Benson, president of Rockville, Md.-based Architessa, which sources tile both domestically and internationally, is another satisfied customer. "Their passion for making quality tile is superb. Their customized glazing ability is rare to find among factories these days." Benson also noted that the ability to have custom samples to clients within a short time period has been one of the biggest benefits of working with Decocer. "I hope to continue our relationships as new projects arise for ceramics," he added.

A fine pedigree

Decocer, a family-owned com-pany, is located in Castellon, an area of ceramic industry tradition in Spain. "We are part of a highly competitive industrial cluster where a great deal of innovation and valuable knowledge is generated," Obrero said. Approximately 75% of sales come from international markets, which are, in order: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia, followed by Spain.

Decocer's roots are grounded in traditional products crafted with what Obrero calls "ancient" techniques. "We have successfully combined the best available technology with this special small-format ceramic. It's what we know how to do, what we enjoy crafting, and what makes us unique."



Specialization has been fundamental to Decocer's business strategy and the foundation of its success in the small-format tile market, enabling the company to create custom-made products in a seemingly endless array of ceramic solutions. Shapes, geometric patterns, colors, glazes and 3D designs are all exclusively tailored to clients' needs. When asked whether Decocer will expand beyond the custom market, Obrero said while customization is a defined strategy, the company is always vigilant and open to exploring opportunities that allow sustainable growth.


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