Telling Stories Through Tile: Architessa's Capsule Edit Program

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Telling Stories Through Tile: Architessa's Capsule Edit Program

Tile design experts Architessa present story-driven curated tile collections for homeowners and trade professionals


Rockville, Maryland (April 19, 2024) — Tile and stone brand Architessa proudly introduces Tile Capsule Edits - curated, theme-driven collections of products which tell the story of a room through design. You may be already familiar with the term "capsule" through its relation to fashion. Sustainably-chic says, “A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that complement each other. These are often classic pieces that do not go out of style and are primarily composed of neutral colors.” To relate that concept to tile - we believe that building a room is actually the process we go through to tell a story.

“Tile Capsule Edits are our story telling initiative to bring simplicity to a design concept, tailored to you. Architessa Capsule Edits will offer an authentic, relatable mix of products that simplifies tile selection,” said Julie Taury, Chief Innovation Officer at Architessa.

In general, Capsule Edits include a thematic inspiration as well as tile and accessories that tell the story of that theme. Capsule Edits are further broken down into three categories in order to better relate to their specific intended audience: Home Edits, Commercial Edits, and Contractor Edits. While these individual Capsule Edits are all related in the overall aesthetic and theme they present, the curated products within each are specifically tailored to the application needs of that audience. For example, the Contractor Edits contain grout, paint, and finishing options available with short lead times to simplify design.

Architessa’s Capsule Edit current themes feature Moody Mystique and La Hacienda – each offering a unique selection of products that tell the story of elegant Maximalism and tranquil Spanish-inspired designs respectively. Architessa plans to launch new Capsule Edits bi-monthly to provide design lovers with fresh inspiration throughout the year.



Architessa Capsule Edits are a curated journey that takes design from inspiration to a cohesive collection of tile that tells a story. La Hacienda capsule theme shown here.



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