New Product Update: July

Inspiration can come from anywhere and at Architessa, we know just where to look. In finding and sourcing tile and stone materials from all over the world, we bring the souvenirs from our own tile journeys into the hearts and homes of our clients. Architessans love to share our New Product Updates so reach out to your rep or local showroom for a presentation.

If your prefer a self-guided tour, check out the latest residential and commercial tile launches below or explore all 2023 Collections here.

Type: Glazed Porcelain
Available Sizes: 24x48, 24x24, 12x24, 2x2 Mosaic, 2" Hex Mosaic, Penny Hex Mosaic, Picket Mosaic, Modern Mosaic, Sphere Mosaic, Craft Hex Mosaic, Infinity Mosaic
Available Finishes: Matte, Polished

POLAR redefines "clean white" with a wide offering of bright white tile, perfect for a clean and minimalistic design. POLAR is ideal for both classic and modern designs, created with simplicity at its core. This collection includes many sizes, ranging from mosaics to subway tiles and large format tiles, offered in matte and polished finish. This crisp white porcelain tile is great for interior design focused on a minimalistic aesthetic or clean aesthetic, such as a bright white kitchen floor or white tiled hallway.

  • Made in USA
  • Polished and Matte finish
  • Glazed Porcelain suitable for Interior walls and floors
  • Polished finish not suitable for wet applications
  • Large format tile available

  • _______

    Type: Double Fired Ceramic
    Available Sizes: 8x8, 0.4x8 Liner
    Available Finishes: Satin

    CAPSULE is a collection of satin white 3-Dimensional ceramic deco tiles with more than enough texture to make your walls worth staring at. Deep grooves and curves make variants such as Petrarca and Torleone have stunning texture, while the groovier Gigio and Fiorellino can create both retro and ultramodern rooms. The dimension provided by this collection is made possible by using artisan production methods. A uniform soft satin white color is perfect for designing spaces that evoke tranquility and cleanliness.

  • Made in Italy
  • Double Glazed Ceramic suitable for commercial and residential interior walls
  • All sizes in this collection are modular & the same thickness

  • _______

    Type: Color Body Porcelain
    Available Sizes: 48x110 Slab, 48x48, 24x48, 12x24, 3x12, 2x2 Mosaic, 2" Hexagon Mosaic
    Available Finishes: Matte, Polished

    LIBRETTO composes a symphony of striking colors and evasive veining onto durable porcelain tile. Designed to enhance environments with the essence of the noblest marble, this collection inspires elegant and sophisticated atmospheres. Comprised of 6 exquisite marble looks, LIBRETTO also features large format tile sizes: 48x48 and 48x110, with the latter offering a stunning bookmatch slab option. Large format tiles and porcelain slabs are excellent at creating seamless, modern rooms.

  • Made in USA
  • Polished and Matte finish
  • Color Body Porcelain suitable for interior walls and floors, and exterior walls
  • Large format tile available in all colors

  • _______

    Type: Color Body Porcelain
    Available Sizes: 24x48, 12x24 | 24x48 Paver, 24x36 Paver, 24x24 Paver, 12x24 Paver, 12x12 Paver | 2x2 Mosaic, 3x12 Bullnose
    Available Finishes: Matte, Chiseled, Grip

    Our MARKER is a natural stone look porcelain tile collection inspired by marble and limestone. Natural stone look porcelain balances the timeless beauty of natural stone with the convenience, lower cost, and durability of porcelain tile. This collection features 3 different stone faces and a matte and chiseled finish. All colors are available in 2cm tile pavers and large format tile sizes.

  • Made in USA
  • Matte and Chiseled finish
  • Color Body Porcelain suitable for interior and exterior walls and floors
  • Large format tile and 2cm tile pavers are available in all colors

  • _______

    Type: Ceramic 5x10, Glazed Porcelain 4.6x4.6
    Available Sizes: 5x10, 4.6x4.6
    Available Finishes: Matte, Glossy

    SLASH is a chic collection of linear tile available in 23 different colors. Linear deco tiles are excellent at creating intricate designs and adding depth and texture to rooms. SLASH is a love letter to some of our other collections, offering matching colors for MERIBA, DECADE, PEMBROOKE, and TAZA. This tile is available in a 5x10 ceramic tile and 4.6x4.6 porcelain tile.

  • Made in Spain
  • Matte and Glossy wall tile suitable for interior walls and 4.6x4.6 size is suitable for exterior walls
  • Please note the size of each piece may vary depending on the color, so mixing colors in the same installation is not recommended.

  • _______

    Type: Glass/Stone
    Available Mosaic Sizes: Seesaw Chevron, Kindred Half Hexes, Weave Basketweave, Quilt Diamond
    Available Finishes: Mixed

    From a heritage of mosaics erupts VESUVIO — a mixed media mosaic series that combines glimmering glass with natural white marble. Elegant yet durable, the natural stone creates a beauty only achieved after millions of years of nature working her magic. The glass is evocative of semi-precious stone found in volcanic formations. In concert, the simple geometric patterns become the timeless foundation for many interior styles.


    Type: Glazed Terracotta
    Available Sizes: 8x8, 4x8, 4x4, 2x8, 2x2, 4x7 Provenza Fan Deco, 0.4x8 Liner
    Available Finishes: Cerato Unglazed (Cotto), Glossy

    MURANO blends the charm of glass and ceramic with a crackled crystalline surface. The color palette is bright and inspired by the colors of nature, which are perfectly paired with the unique shapes available. This collection is inspired by the architecture of Venice, which can be seen especially in the classic archway shape.

  • Made in Italy
  • Glazed Terracotta wall tile suitable for interior walls
  • Sealing is recommended with a water based sealer
  • Extended lead times - contact us for availability

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