BDNY 2019 - Trends & Tile at Boutique Design New York

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BDNY 2019 - Trends & Tile at Boutique Design New York - Architessa

In its 10th year, Boutique Design New York (BDNY) showcases trends targeted to the hospitality boutique and lifestyle market. With over 750 manufacturers, and attended by 8,000+ designers, architects, owners, developers and specifiers, the two inspiring days each November are nothing less than exciting and drool-worthy. Regardless, if you are a hospitality designer or a homeowner, BDNY is a great place to check out what’s trending and who's doing what at this moment in time.

Our team that took part in BDNY 2019. From left to right: Joey Caponiti / Maryland Commercial Rep, Kersi Press / Baltimore Commercial Rep, Betty Sullivan / Owner and CEO, James Lewis/ National Hospitality Rep, David Arabe / Commercial Sales Manager and David Benson/President and Principal (not shown)
Booth prep! Joey and David hard at work grouting the tile panels for the BDNY booth.

Our meeting area was a hit this year. We worked hard, especially Joey and David who did last-minute grouting. It had a great payoff. We were able to showcase our favorite tiles of the moment. Check it out in the back of the bar area, the front of the bar, and tabletops.

View of the booth, facing the bar area, before the opening of the event.

What has the look of stone, does not stain and can be installed exterior in even the harshest environments? Porcelain slabs! We opted to install these show stoppers from our Elevated Porcelain Slab Collection:

  • Elevated Marmi Onyx Lappato Lucido (both Face A & B) -- tops of the large tables
  • Elevated Calacatta Paonazzo Lappato Lucido -- front of the bar
  • Elevated Marquina Lappato Lucido -- bar top
  • Elevated Design Raku Verde Natural – round table tops

The slabs are 64”x128” (yes, that is over 5’x10’!) and can be installed as-is on a wall or floor, or fabricated. Its differentiation is its non-porous nature and durability. Great for health care, units, and public spaces. Its breadth of design can pop on a wall, tabletop, or countertop. Porcelain slabs had a slow start but now that the installation contractors are up to speed it’s taking off. What’s not to love?

Love the green “stone” tabletops? Check out are Elevated Porcelain Slabscan be fabricated down to whatever size or shape you choose! The best part? You no longer have to worry about the wine spilling or water ring forming on your higher-maintenance REAL stone table!

How about the tile at the bar? What is catching your eye? Interested in learning more? All products can be found on our website.

Invention is in the details

This year was full of Deco, tufted, edgy aesthetics, eye-popping graphic patterns in large scales, fun prints done with animal themes and botanicals, raw and hand-worked finishes, and mid-century modern inspiration. Textures were rampant: Wood, brass, leather, and velvets in tones of gold, brown, blues, cantaloupe orange and pinks. Collages of materials. Saturated colors, like a deep rich teal, were prominent throughout.

Both tufted and teal were out in force at BDNY 2019 - This decadent velvet sofa was no exception!
Abundant botanicals on this feature wall!

We love the term “Great Gatsby luxury” coined by NY Design Agenda. It’s fitting for this year’s BDNY.

Some of the highlights we took home with us:

On the left and center: Trash Panda Party, to the right: Drunk Monkeys.

Wallcoverings inspired by life, with tropical elements and textures, and some with a little fun added for spice. We could not resist stopping at Astek's booth -- Every time we took a look at their Animalistic Animals collection we spotted something new!

Funky carpet patterns from Durkan.

We saw a lot of great rugs, including the above design that reminds us a bit of an abstract painting. Teal and funky prints like those on the photo above were definitely stand-outs this year.

On the left: The Roger Thomas Collection by Rocky Mountain Hardware, on the right: Kesya collection by Pullcast.

Irregular and hand-worked door handles and pulls were a feast for our eyes. They provided unexpected texture and added dimension to the space.

Jaclo’s booth, showing off their unique take on bathroom fixtures.

Want to have more fun with your bathroom fixtures? Jaclo has launched a way to infuse more color into your space with its new collection. Which color is your favorite?

A Friendly Feud between Designers and Brands

Our booth was host to great talks and interactive games. Our favorite was “Industry Feud”, a spin-off of Family Feud. The game “host” was David Shove-Brown of //3877, a design firm located in Washington DC. The contestants were Christine Shanahan and Michelle West of HVS Design, Luisa Gonzalez of Hilton Hotels, and Monica Meade and Sharmel Anderson-Urey of Marriott. Thanks for the laughs, team!

David Arabe and Kersi Press, not looking all that bad after the elevator experience earlier that morning!

In addition, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention an anxiety-inducing experience. On the morning of day two, Kersi Press and David Arabe had the misfortune to get stuck in an elevator for over 40 minutes. They came out healthy (and relieved) … and maybe next time will opt to take the 28 flights of stairs!

Betty Sullivan and Allison Eden at Allison’s booth, BDNY 2019.

A pleasure of the show is to check-in longtime partners. Allison Eden, our go-to glass mosaic manufacturer in New York, launched new collections in the textile and fashion industry. We love her creativity and zest for everything she does and anticipate what her future holds!

Don’t forget that Architectural Ceramics is with Have you signed up for your free account? Come check out a game-changer in the industry for material sampling.

This year’s BDNY has become a fond memory - from a successful booth collaboration with Fig and Fable, to the light in designer’s eyes at our huge triangle polished porcelain table in our meeting area. With the backdrop of the Veteran’s Day parade and veterans in dress uniform, we were truly invigorated by the innovation of the displays and our minds were swirling with how to apply it to our product category.

Want to see more? Check out this quick video, BDNY 2019 Minute.

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The Fig and Fable Team: This year we worked with a tremendously talented team to create Fig & Fable, a booth designed and produced by HVS Design. We were proud Fig & Fable was packed with people having a great time. Isn’t that what hospitality is all about?

HVS Design – the visionaries, booth concept, design, and execution

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