Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile

Bigger Is Better: Large Format Porcelain Tile - Architessa

Go big or go home. OK, we'd love to go through your home. Architectural Ceramic's put together a small list of some of our large format porcelain tile collections. No matter the type of renovation, we can change the look of your home in a big way.

About Porcelain Tile

Why are large format tiles typically porcelain? To avoid getting into the nitty-gritty, it's because of how the tile is made. Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature. Also, the composition is denser because of how it's stamped or pressed before the firing process. It all equates to better durability and the ability to increase the size of surface area of porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is an excellent option for commercial or residential spaces. The next time you're out to eat at one of your favorite restaurants, check out what's under your feet. Chances are, it's a porcelain tile. Designers of commercial spaces like hospitality, use porcelain tile because it often has a higher coefficient of friction. In layman's terms, the way porcelain tiles are glazed means you're less likely to slip. But before your eyes glaze over, let's skip the small talk details and get to the good stuff. Take a look at a few porcelain collections, offered with Architectural Ceramics, that feature in-stock and special order options. Some are classics that we at Architectural Ceramics like to keep around and others are new and hot off the tile press.

Featured Porcelain Collections

Ancient Stone

Wait. If this blog is about porcelain, then why does the collection's name say stone? Because porcelains like our Ancient Stone Collection, are made to look like natural stone. Here, this collection features large format tiles that mimic the look of limestone.
 AC's Ancient Stone Collection in the color Black, used in a commercial setting.
Our Ancient Stone Collection is simple but can have a big impact on a space, whether it's commercial or residential. Pictured above, the 24"x24" field tile in the color Black was used. It's on trend on fits with the industrial surroundings. Our collection's options are simple: four colors in four sizes. Or really, two large format field tiles, and two mosaics. The collection may seem small, but the renovation results can be big.
AC's Ancient Stone Collection featuring the 24"x24" field and 12"x24" mosaic in the color Beige.
Here, we love that this bathroom renovation keeps it simple and features the 12"x24" mosaic as an accent wall behind the freestanding tub, and the 24"x24" large format field tile on the main floor. The Beige color makes for a serene and simple way to start or end your day. For information about our Ancient Stone Collection, visit the Product Page on our website, or download a Data Sheet here.


Our Aristocrat Collection, is one of our porcelain collections that stands the test of time. It includes large format field tiles and mosaics; available in three finishes: polished, honed or flamed. This porcelain has a subtle elegance to it that has a sand-like feel, or that mimics soft variation in natural stone.
AC's Aristocrat Collection in a range of field tile and mosaic sizes in the colors Beige and Brown.
In the bathroom renovation shown above, it shows the collection's range of product well. On the walls, our in-stock 12"x24" field tile in the colors Beige and Brown was used. The floors feature the large format 24"x24" tile, while the niche and tub are clad in the smaller 1"x1" special order mosaic. A mix in color and size, the space leaves you feeling like you're standing on soft sand at the beach. The modern hard-lined design is softened by the texture of the tile. Beige and brown aren't the only color options however. The collection includes a range of five color choices from Ivory to Anthracite. No matter which option is your favorite, they all have a slight variation in color to them. The finishes, whether polished, honed, or flamed, can enhance the color as well. For more information about the 12"x24" tile we stock, visit our Product Page. To view more special order field tile sizes and trims from the Aristocrat Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Century Wood

A newer product for AC, this collection is living large because of its size and range of variation. While some porcelains are made to have a consistent look or made to look like natural stone, our Century Wood Collection imitates salvaged wood.
AC's Century Wood Collection in the 32"x32" field, color Essenze.
Shown above, the 32"x32" field tile was used in a dining space. The tile was rotated to achieve a randomized look. The darkest color within the collection and the one with the most range, Essenze, gives the room a dramatic affect. The overall design is eclectic and the rich tones of the exposed brick, traditional wood furniture and large format tile floor all work well against the tall steel posts in the loft. In the overall Century Wood Collection, there are three colors, available as a mosaic or four large field tile sizes. While the collection has various options, Architectural Ceramics stocks only the 32"x32" large format field tile. Salvaged wood is a hot trend right now, especially because designers and clients are loving farmhouse decor and design. The Essenze color definitely fits the farmhouse feel. But, based on the other colors in the collection, Back would work well in a laid back beach home. Rehoboth beaches anyone? Or the Tinto color could give the relaxed grey backdrop needed to fit in with a Restoration Hardware look. Where's our glass of Tinto Verano wine so we can really relax? To view more design inspiration from the Century Wood Collection, visit our Product Page or download a Data Sheet here.


In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form... In the beginning, when printing graphics on porcelain was a new idea, it gave the tile a blurry appearance. For a while, this also gave porcelain tile a bad reputation. Now, more perfected techniques like the high-definition graphic printing technique used on our Genesis Collection, give a clearer result and future for porcelain tile.
AC's Genesis Collection, in the colors White and Avio.
Direct your attention to the master bathroom pictured above. Here, two tiles from our Genesis Collection were used: the 12"x24" honed-finish field tile that we stock, and the 3"x6" hexagon mosaic which is available through special order. Both have a directional pattern made to look like Italian travertine. Again, the high-definition printing technique used on the face of the tile makes this look possible, and almost impossible to distinguish the porcelain from natural stone. The color choices used in the bathroom renovation, and the collection itself are both calm and what you would expect to see from natural stone quarried from the earth. Each of the four color options has slight variation in the "veining". To see more about the 12"x24" tile stocked with AC, visit our Product Page. To view the complete Genesis Collection, download a Data Sheet here.


While high-definition printing on a porcelain tile gives natural stone or wood a run for it's money, it isn't that only reason for using the technique. Our Industry Collection, adds a fabric-like texture that lends itself to a more modern look.
AC's Industry Collection, in the colors Blanc and Fog
Pictured above, the tile, furnishings and loft space weave well together in a contemporary design. The fabric-like texture on the tile provides a quiet backdrop to the bold red upholstered chairs. The accent wall showcases the 12"x24" field tile in the color Blanc, which Architectural Ceramics stocks. On the floor, a large format 18"x36" tile in the color Fog, available via special order, was used. Utilizing the grey color on the floor is practical because it hides dirt. For more information about the 12"x24" tile we stock, visit our Product Page. To view more special order field tile sizes and trims from the Industry Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Slim Slab

Just when you thought we couldn't get any bigger, we bring you our Slim Slab Collection. This 1/4" thick porcelain takes large format tile to a whole new level. While most of the collections we offer stock a 12"x24" tile with the ability to special order a larger or smaller tiles, the Slim Slab Collection is stocked as a 59"x118" slab. That's nearly a 5 foot by 10 foot piece of tile, hence the name slab.
AC's Slim Slab Collection in Calacatta.
The kitchen renovation, shown above, features the Calacatta option. The slabs were used on all surface areas from the floors to the counters and backsplash. It allows for an almost seamless look. It also allows you to stretch the renovation plans a bit, because trying to get the same affect using natural stone may be cost prohibitive. While the look is clean and effortless, the installation may not be. For best results, please refer to our Installation Guidelines Brochure. Here, you'll find detailed information on how to ship and handle the material while getting it to the job site, and how to cut and install the material once it's on the job site. The Slim Slab Collection is sure to make your project one-of-a-kind. And when it comes to color or "marble" options we have more than just the Calacatta that is shown. It just happens to be one of our favorites. To see more from our Slim Slab Collection, visit our Product Page or download a Data Sheet here.

Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance? When it comes to porcelain tile, there almost isn't any! Porcelain tiles are stain resistant, non-porous, and frost-proof. Sorry, did we bury the lead? Here are a few ways using porcelain tile helps you, but also how you can help your tile. What's the saying, help me help you?

Stain resistant:Need we say more? OK, we will...

Non-porous: Porcelain tile absorbs little to no water. This means it is a great option for floors and wet applications.

Frost-proof: Depending on the thickness of the tile, some porcelains are able to handle outdoor freeze and thaw environments. Imagine your backyard patio covered in tile that looks like natural stone or wood.

A proper installation:Large format tiles like porcelain are machine-made. The edges of the tile are often rectified. This means it has a factory-made straight edge cut. To avoid slippage, your contractor or tile installer will be able to advise on an appropriate grout allowance due to the tile's larger size.

Cleaning:To keep the tile looking its best, it's best to clean it with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners. After wiping or moping your tile, rinse it with clean water.

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