Designer Interview with Tracy and Kelcey from Waterlily Interiors

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Designer Interview with Tracy and Kelcey from Waterlily Interiors - Architessa

Architessa interviews interior designers, contractors, and architects to highlight their perspectives on work and life in the architecture and design industry. Talented people make our tile world go-'round and we desire to uplift and showcase these individuals. We deeply appreciate them and know you will too.

Elise from Architessa had the absolute pleasure of getting a closer look into the lives of interior designers, Tracy and Kelcey, from Waterlily Interiors. As a dynamic sister-duo, Tracey and Kelcey began their firm twelve years ago. Tracy married a builder and found herself buying and selling properties while working in advertising and accounts services for luxury brands. Kelcey always wanted to be an architect, so she returned to school to get her master's degree in Interior Design. Together, the sisters found a creatively rewarding career where they could turn their clients' dreams into realities.

Waterlily Interiors believes in creating homes clients want to live in - they do that and more. The secret sauce to their recipe for success is being able to ask the right questions and hone in on what the client really wants to achieve. Tracy and Kelcey break it down into two categories: 1. Programs, the technical side of how a space functions, affect how people live and move in a space. 2. Aesthetic designs, like texture and color, from hard and soft surface coverings to furniture.

Of course, more goes into designing a home. Tracy says, "We start with a plan. It's all about the plan for us. If it's furniture, it's a space plan. If it's wallpaper, it's a 3D representation of how it will lay out on the wall. If it's tile, we're working with the actual layouts. We're showing our clients exactly how things will lay out and creating the documents of exactly how we want everything to be installed and placed. For us, it's a very detailed process." These are just some of the many services they offer.

Why do you need interior design services? Kelcey speaks on client realities and why hiring an interior designer is not only necessary but eternally rewarding. "Most households are dual income, people have families - it's just a busy, busy, busy life. You meet people and their clothes are beautiful - you can see that it's a reflection of who they are... but their space just doesn't feel like them. It's exciting for us to give people an oasis to come home to." Just imagine coming home from work to your version of interior design paradise - yes, I'll happily imagine that.

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