Feeling Groovy with Dimensional Tile

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Feeling Groovy with Dimensional Tile - Architessa

Whether you prefer the song's original version by Seals & Crofts or the 1974 remake by the Isley Brothers, both Summer Breeze hits reached the Top 100 charts when they were released. Today, the song still blows through our mind when thinking of the perfect summer playlist.

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

Summer Breeze, Seals & Crofts

And we tend to agree, it's hard to beat the feeling you get at the beginning of summer, when warm days are followed by cool nights. Because we are in the business of selling tile however, we want to know how you feel about a cool, up-and-coming trend: dimensional tile.

Here, we're featuring just some of the dimensional tile collections available through Architessa. Breeze through each one; from natural stone and cement, to ceramic and glass, we offer dimensional tile in a range of material types.


At Achitessa, we have a soft spot this hard-surface natural stone dimensional tile that mixes warm texture with cool sophistication.

Our CARVED Collection, is a specialty line that features a 24"x24" large-format, hand-carved stone tile with a honed and polished finish. The dimensional pattern reminds us of a blowing breeze or flowing water.

Choose from three colorways (listed from left to right): Bianco Carrara, Lake Blue, or Gris. Within each natural stone type, natural veining and slight variation is to be expected. Want to learn more about natural stone as a tile material? Visit our blog: Expect the Unexpected from Tile Variation.

For local firm, Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath of Bethesda, Maryland, when designing her client's open-concept kitchen, our Ambra Collection in the color Gris was a natural choice.

A kitchen design featuring Architessa's Carved Collection. Image credit: Architessa's Houzz Project Page

The 24"x24" backsplash tile works well behind the sink and stove. Because of the tile's size, only one tile was used from the top of the counters to the bottom of the upper cabinets. This minimizes grout lines and results in a cleaner look that emphasizes the tile's dimensional pattern.

A kitchen design featuring Architessa's CARVED Collection. Image credit: Architessa's Houzz Project Page

When using a natural stone tile as a backsplash, it's important to seal it once a year. Doing so will keep it looking like it did when it was installed, and will also protect against food stains.

Your installer takes care of the first application, but remember to keep it up. Ask an Architessa sales associate, and we'll take care of making sure you have the right sealant for your tile type.

If you want to keep up with what we're up to, or want to see more client installations and mood board inspiration, then follow us on Instagram @architessa or on Pinterest @architessa.

Boutique Chic

Our BOUTIQUE CHIC Collection features decorative ceramic wall tiles that will add dimension and drama to any space because of the matte or glossy finish on a prism shape.

The backsplash, pictured below, in the color Raven mixes both finishes, but also rotates the 6"x6" prism tiles for a more random feel. If you feel like black is too dark, try using the color Fog or Powder instead.

Architessa's BOUTIQUE CHIC Collection in the color Raven.


Cement tile. It's a trend that has cemented its place among designers and homeowners alike, especially when done in hand-painted designs. But what if we could take it to the next level?

Architessa'sCONTOURZ Collection in the Trifecta Pattern.

Our CONTOURZ Collection features dimensional cement tile in a variety of patterns and colors. Pictured above, the floral pattern uses a cut relief instead of a hand-painted technique. Below, a popular hexagon shape adds dimension to an otherwise flat glass field tile.

Architessa's CONTOURZ Collection in the Fanfare Hex Pattern.

In either case, we're making a case for using dimensional cement tile. It's a great way to add a natural feel and modern aesthetic at the same time. To view the full collection, download a CONTOURZ Brochure here. Or visit one of our D.C. metro-area showroomsto order a sample.


Whether designing a residential or commercial space, ceramic wall tile from our GEOFORM Collectioncan take on multiple applications and forms.

Architessa's GEOFORM Collection in the color Polar White.

Pictured above, the residential interior uses the collection's dimensional 5"x12" boomerang-shaped tile in an M.C. Escher-like way. The color White, paired with the dark plush sofa, gives a calm look and feel, perfect for relaxing in.

By changing the field tile's color and pattern, the GEOFORM Collection can also offer a dramatic look. Here, the commercial space shown below that opts for the Carbon Black color and a wave pattern, is a definite contrast to the look and feel of the residential application.

To see more inspiration or technical information from our Geoform Collection, download the GEOFORM Brochure here.


Our next dimensional tile option, from our NAMIBIA Collection aptly named after the stunning desert terrain in South Africa, combines hand-made carving and glazing techniques that result in a truly unique ceramic field tile.

Architessa's NAMIBIA Collection, in the Dune pattern and Sunset Bronze glaze.

Pictured above is the collection's 3-piece pattern, Dune. Showing the unglazed ceramic field tiles before applying the metallic-like Sunset Bronze glaze, highlights how each hand-made and carved tile is unique.


Named after a city in Brazil, where this collection reigns from, our NITEROI Collection pays homage to its home town. The city's iconic Contemporary Art Museum is a saucer-shaped building; the pattern of this wood and marble tile collection uses similar curves to bring a contemporary feel to tradition materials.

Architessa's NITEROI Collectionin the natural Legno wood finish.

The backsplash, featured above, adds warmth and drama to the residential space. Whether using the wood or marble tile however, in a residential or commercial application, it's only appropriate to use this collection as a wall tile in a dry area because it's unique in that it does not use grout.

To view other collections similar to the Niterói Collection that feature high-end wood or marble looks, download a PDF of our MOSARTE Cataloghere.

Origami Field

Last but not least, our ORIGAMI FIELD Collectionfeatures dimensional glass tile in a variety of field tile shapes and colors. Pictured below, is the Moxi shape in the color Cottage Blue. The light that reflects off the surface of the tile gives a gem-like affect that's in keeping with the client's dressing table used to display her jewelry.

Architessa's ORIGAMI FIELD Collection in the Moxi Pattern and color Cottage Blue.

The collection includes six field tile shapes, all of which are available in nine different colors. The glass tile shapes shown above, all feature the color Cottage Blue. To view the complete range of color options, download the ORIGAMI FIELD Collection here.

After breezing through our featured dimensional tile collections, how do you feel about 3D-tile? Does dimensional ceramic tile just make you feel fine, or does the thought of wood as a tile material blow your mind? We can't wait to hear about it when you visit us in one of our DC-metro area showrooms today!

For questions about our Carved Collection and the other dimensional tile collections featured here, or to place an order, please contact Want weekly updates about out blog and our product updates? Join our newsletterhere.

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