How We're Celebrating National Tile Day

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How We're Celebrating National Tile Day - Architessa

According to WhyTile, there are a myriad of elements to consider when choosing a tile: location, size, shape, color, look, pattern, texture, layouts, grout, and more. The benefits of choosing tile over other surfaces are stain resistance, water-resistance, preventative nature of bacterial growth, and fire resistance. 

Why should you choose tile?

Besides all the reasons mentioned previously, you should choose tile because you can make it uniquely your own. In addition to patterns and colors on the face of the tile, you can get very creative with tile laying patterns. Even choose some tiles of a different color to create a design in the center of the room to accent your furniture.

February 23rd, 2022 is dubbed National Tile Day, and we are thrilled to share our staff favorites of all time with you! I'll explain each tile and expand on the areas in which they can be applied.


Featured image: a custom mosaic of the Washington monument during cherry blossom season.

Starting with my favorite tiles, I love mosaics because of the intricate details and large format tiles like slabs for easy cleaning and minimal aesthetics. Architessa also does custom mosaics which I would consider art. Interestingly, I like tiny and large tiles - I find that they pair and juxtapose nicely together. As for material, I prefer natural stones like marble and limestone. These tiles require maintenance like sealing and cleaning but can be installed on both floors and walls.

Featured image: an ELEVATED slab

Of course, the traditional subway tile and its many iterations are a cult favorite. Undulated surfaces and various dimensions make the subway tile a staple for shower walls and kitchen backsplashes. The patterns these tiles can create are virtually endless.

Featured image: the OVERLOOK collection in glossy and matte White

We see another popular tile in luxury residential and commercial spaces: the zellige look tile! Zellige tile is a traditional handmade piece of art dating back to the 10th century. Zellige tiles still dress architecture in Moroccan and Southern Spain's historical sites. Their unique imperfections make them a timeless classic. You'll see more square and rectangular Zellige tiles in bathrooms and kitchens if you already haven't. 

Featured image: the MANTA collection in Suki Ivory

Patterned tile is another favorite because of the joy they can bring to normally mundane spaces that require easy cleanability like a mudroom or laundry room. Virtually any pattern or print can grace the surface of a tile for your space. Architessa has numerous patterned tile collections that range from every style and look.

Featured image: the Classic Statuario Statuary White Botanical Imprint tile

Ultimately, tiles are aesthetic, functional, and necessary for spaces in all our built environments. If you enjoyed this blog post and want to learn more information and possibly see the newest tiles in our industry, check out Coverings.

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