TV Tile- Tile in 5 of Our Favorite TV Shows

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TV Tile- Tile in 5 of Our Favorite TV Shows - Architessa

Is it just me, or have there just been more and more new TV shows lately? And not just run-of-the-mill TV shows, but high-budget movie-grade television. I feel like this began when Disney+ was first introduced - spending a whopping $100 million on season 1 of the Mandalorian (which probably paid for itself tenfold thanks to Baby Yoda). Then Amazon Prime spent 1 billion dollars on season 1 of Rings of Power just a month ago. Obviously, Bezos is no stranger to money, but I guess they took the saying “with money comes power” a bit literally. Should have gone the classic route and set an infinity stone in it. 

Unfortunately, there was no ancient cobblestone featured in Rings of Power that we can help you steal the look of, but there are plenty of other shows that ran this year, and even some classics that we can give you a hand with. After all, there's nothing better to do during winter break than sip on some hot cocoa, throw another log on the fire, and binge-watch TV for hours and hours. Let’s start with the new stuff and work our way to the oldies.

 1. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul


Now I’m sure if you’ve finished Better Call Saul, you remember the iconic green backsplash in Kim’s apartment that we saw more than enough of in Seasons 4-6. This backsplash was a nice splash of color in an otherwise rather boring apartment and often was present in some of the most heated moments of the show. 


Better Call Saul Kim's Apartment Kitchen


If you want to steal this look, we’ve got you covered. If you need it quickly, our stock QUILT collection has the same pattern, with a more muted greenish-gray color for the tile itself. If the green is a must-have, we can still help you out. Lunada Bay’s Tomei collection has a falling water blend by the name of “Glass Act” that looks almost identical to Kim’s infamous backsplash. Contact one of our sales reps at if you’d like to order this backsplash, and check out some of the other tile in this collection directly on our website in our TOMEI collection. We can’t promise that Lalo won’t want to come and take a look at it himself. 


2. The Watcher

The Watcher TV Show Kitchen


We are obsessed with this kitchen… and so is the Watcher apparently. This kitchen features a white hand glazed zellige tile that is nearly identical to tile in our SPATULA and FEZ collections. Watch out, because Zellige tile is a hot new trend and is only going to get more popular in the next couple of years.


The Watcher Netflix Kitchen

Images courtesy of Karen Calhoun of Darren Dunn Realty.


The Watcher TV Show Netflix Kitchen


The basement features a classic 12x12 black and white checkerboard pattern, which we offer in our K STREET collection. Great for basements AND secret tunnels.


3. Cobra Kai

Silver's Mansion Real Life


Love him or hate him, Terry Silver has got some serious style, from trendy high-tech dojos to his sleek contemporary homes. Terry moved to a new place in season 6. When Johnny, Chozen, and Barnes decided to storm the palace and take the war to Silver’s doorstep - ultimately leading to one of the wildest finales we’ve seen yet in the series - we got a good look at the inside of his luxurious Japanese-inspired house. This mansion featured striking marble slabs, a courtyard pool, and an oriental-inspired roof. This house isn’t just a set and is completely real. Located in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, the Brookhaven Balinese is a sight to behold. 


Cobra Kai Brookhaven Balinese


The kitchen features 2 bookmatched Cafe Argento Walker Zanger Slabs. Our marble Nero Zebrino slabs have a similar look to this too, and so does our ELEVATED collection which has porcelain slabs.


Cobra Kai Terry Silver House


If you like the look of the outside walls and fireplace surround, the best way to emulate that would be by installing strip cladding, such as our ROCK PANELS, VENEER WORLD, or RUSTIC CLADDING , and then glazing the tile.


Silvers House Cobra Kai


The courtyard has pavers, and also features the same strip cladding used on the fireplace. Our FRONTIER20 Stone Look collection has a Limestone color that looks exactly like these pavers and is suitable for outdoor use.

Credit: Joel Kelly Design


4. The Americans

The Americans


You don’t need to be an assassin or spy to appreciate a good kitchen backsplash, but I think the directors of the Americans must have been obsessed with this one considering how much of the show was filmed in the kitchen of our favorite cold war couple. Much like Better Call Saul, the backsplash is a splash of color in this very, very beige kitchen, and arguably the focal point of the room. This backsplash is part of the PIETTA DONOVAN collection by Walker Zanger. We do offer part of this collection in our PIETTA DONOVAN CEMENT collection.


The Americans Kitchen Backsplash


5. Nailed It! Holiday!

Nailed It! Kitchen


Nailed It! Season 1 was binge-worthy enough, but after adding holidays into the mix, we are obsessed. But what are the different tiles in the kitchen? They’re actually all the same tile, but with different grout colors at different stations. Nailed It! takes a simple subway tile and illustrates how big of a difference grout color and layout can make. This tile is nearly identical to our HUES 3x6 beveled tile, and we also offer numerous grout options.


Nailed It Kitchen


Thanks for reading, and if you see any tile in one of your favorite TV shows, make sure to DM us your suggestions!


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