Architectural Ceramics rebrands to Architessa

After 35 years, Women-Led Architectural Ceramics Rebrands to Architessa.

Tile Company Architectural Ceramics Announces New Name and Launch of E-Commerce Website

Rockville, MarylandFebruary 8, 2021 — Today, Architectural Ceramics, Inc. announced its new trade name, Architessa, and updated branding assets. Part of the rebrand includes launching a new e-commerce website,, as a resource for homeowners and the A&D and trades industry.

CEO and majority owner, Betty Sullivan, envisioned a name that embodies the tile company's origins and values with over 100,000 choices they've been known as the librarians of tile, calling themselves Architessans. The website will launch with 5,000 favorites. Architessa desires to help the A&D industry elevate tiled spaces and gain prominence both locally and digitally. The new name also opens the door to the addition of related surface products.

Sullivan explains, "I'm grateful for men and women who have supported us over the years. The rebranding is us leaning into what our clients love about us. During a pandemic, the time is right for a name change and celebrate our WBE certified women-owned status."

The etymology of Architessa stems from "Archit," an abbreviation for "Architecture," which embodies our deep-rooted desires for our dwellings and is an homage to the old Architectural Ceramics name. "Tessa" is derived from "Tessera," the Latin root for mosaic tile.

The new website is built on the Shopify e-commerce platform, allowing shoppers to purchase tile online.

President, David Benson, says, "The new website acts as a tangible platform for our current clients and new customers alike by allowing us to lean into what our customers love most about us - our extensive library and Architessan curators who stay with you on your journey. As we continue to grow our online tile library, we hope it becomes the ultimate resource for everyone to find tile."

Like many companies, Architessa had to pivot quickly to adapt to COVID-19 regulations with virtual meetings. Creating a new, more convenient website is the natural progression from offering virtual tile design consultations and ensuring CDC-compliant showrooms.

In December 2020, Architessa also opened a new tile showroom in Rockville, MD. The showroom is the first to display the new branding and logo. Architessa will roll out the branding to its DC, Baltimore, and Atlanta metro showrooms over the next month.

Founded in 1985, Architectural Ceramics, Inc., now trading as Architessa, is a national leader in providing all things tile inside and outside. The company offers a wide range of products and services for residential and commercial surfaces.


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Additional Information

What does Architessa mean? 

The etymology of Architessa stems from "Archit," an abbreviation for "Architecture" and it's an homage to our old name. Tessa is short for "Tessera" the Latin root for mosaic tile.  We appreciate all the men and women who have supported us throughout the years and want to lean in more to what folks have loved about us. 


What does the name change mean for clients? 

An email and website name change. It’s shorter! Our email address and name may be different but our commitment to you has not. Continue to work with our staff just as you have before, as we upload more products onto our new website. 


How do I contact my sales representative? 

All old Architectural Ceramics emails will be forwarded to the staff’s new emails. Confirm with your representative what their new email is. 


What about Architectural Ceramics, Inc.? 

We are still Architectural Ceramics, Inc.  Architessa is our new trade name for ease of rebranding. 


How do I follow you on social? 

All our social media channels will be switching to Architessa. If you already follow us, you should not need to take further action. Our new social handles are below: 


Instagram: @architessa