Best of Floors Interview with AV Architects

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Best of Floors Interview with AV Architects - Architessa

Join Francisca Alonso, CEO and Co-Founder of AV Architects + Builders, and David Benson, President at Architessa, in an insightful discussion about the leading flooring trends of 2023. Filmed in the DC showroom of Architessa, this video is a deep dive into the latest and most innovative flooring options available today.

Watch the Trends Report here.

Discover the top three flooring trends of the year, including the rise of luxury vinyl planks (LVP), the diversity in engineered wood, and the continued popularity of porcelain floors. Learn about groundbreaking installation techniques, such as floating floors in engineered wood, and the aesthetic versatility that current flooring options offer. 

Francisca and David explore the functional and stylish aspects of different flooring materials. They discuss the long lifecycle and durability of porcelain, particularly in high-traffic areas, and the growing preference for engineered wood due to its affordability and aesthetic appeal. The video also covers the aesthetic appeal of tile planks that mimic wood, perfect for households with pets.

This conversation is not just about trends; it's about making informed decisions that suit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you're planning a renovation or simply love to stay updated on home design, this video offers valuable insights into choosing the right flooring for your needs.

0:00 - Introduction

0:23 - What were the standout residential flooring trends of 2023?

1:26 - What groundbreaking materials in flooring emerged this year?

2:36 - How has flooring adapted to different styles and aesthetics

3:47 - What are the most durable flooring options available?

4:32 - What were some cost-effective flooring solutions?

5:23 - How can homeowners take care of and maintain their floors?

5:55 - What home flooring option excited you the most in 2023?

6:49 - Contact information


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