Non-Traditional Marble Colors Headline Lineup of New Products

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Non-Traditional Marble Colors Headline Lineup of New Products - Architessa

Architessa Introduces Eight Tile Series Focused on Color and Pattern

Architessa announces the launch of eight tile and stone series as part of their January New Product Update. Featured in this collection of new series are SERENO BURGUNDY, TUSCANO ROSSO, and DIOSA VERDE – three marble tiles that break away from what one might call a traditional stone color palette. This break from a traditional color palette makes these natural stone tiles ideal for Contemporary, Maximalist, and Bohemian design styles.


The other tile series in Architessa’s launch collection range from marble waterjet-cut tiles to ceramic wall tiles inspired by Moroccan design. Descriptions of each series are listed below:

SERENO BURGUNDY – Marble – These natural stone tiles stand apart from traditional marble colors with a blend of grey and dusty rose with streaks of white veining.

TUSCANO ROSSO – Marble – A deep, vibrant red color marks this tile with bold sophistication. This exquisite marble series features saturated maroon colors with white and black veining. 

DIOSA VERDE – Marble – A masterpiece of natural materials, these marble tiles highlight a deep green hue available in a variety of wall tile sizes.

COLLINS – Marble – COLLINS is a collection of 14 waterjet-cut mosaic patterns in a variety of colorway options. The geometric designs range from traditional to contemporary patterns.

ORB – Color Body Porcelain – ORB is a porcelain field tile that produces the look of Italian terrazzo, a composite flooring technique that mixes a cement base with chips of marble, granite or other stone inclusions.

LUTECE – Color Body Porcelain – Inspired by the look of Burgundy Limestone, LUTECE features warm earthy tones available in standard field tile and paver options. 

FARAH – Glazed Ceramic – FARAH 5x5 wall tiles feature vibrant, chic colors and 3D geometric patterns influenced by Moroccan design.

RIVERVINE – Ceramic – This series of ceramic subway tiles bring soft, cool colors and artisanal charm to backsplash and accent wall designs.


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