10 Reasons Why Tile is Cool

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10 Reasons Why Tile is Cool

The limitless selection of tile products on the market today never ceases to disappoint, and is abundant with rich colors, defined textures, and fun patterns. There are products to meet all design styles, and the options are endless! With fashion trends ever-changing, individuality has a big influence on the way people represent themselves through any kind of design – whether that's clothing or home design. Consumers are confident in their design tastes and not afraid to express them. 

Furthermore, tile is pretty cool. At least we think it is. If you don’t already agree, allow me to persuade you with just a small handful of the many reasons why we love tile.

10. It can camouflage your world

PYTHON backsplash tiles


While many people are looking to stand out, some of us just want to blend in with our surroundings, and somehow, camouflage mosaics are able to do both of those things. 


9. Diamonds are forever

Diamond Collection Mosaics

In the great words of Shirley Bassey, James Bond, Kanye West, most jewelry commercials, and… pretty much everyone else, Diamonds are Forever. Who doesn’t love diamonds? Thankfully, the tile industry loves diamonds too, and has created incredible glass mosaics that capture the beauty and elegance of this precious gemstone. If you’re interested in the custom mosaic shown above, please contact a showroom or sales rep to design your own. 


8. It’s Dazzling! 


Since mankind's origin, we’ve looked to the stars not just for guidance, but because of its beauty. Display the galaxy on your wall using glass tile, such as our MOONBEAM collection.


7. Groovy Patterns


Not everyone is a fan of the popular minimalistic design that many choose nowadays, and wish we could all just go back to the 60’s when groovy was the big look. Tile is still groovy baby!


6. PINK - It’s my favorite color!

Aerosmith knew it, we know it, now you know it. Pink is cool again! But how many things can you get in pink? Not many. Luckily for you, tile is one of them, and we actually have a handful of options for pink tile. 


5. Wood Tile


Just imagine if you could combine wood flooring and tile together...oh wait you can! Not only does tile come in wood-look patterns across most material types, but you can also get engineered wood tile that gives you everything you love about wood flooring, but with simpler upkeep and maintenance. 

4. It's the Bee's Knees


You should always avoid stepping on bees, unless they were never really alive to begin with. You can finally allow our friendly little pollinators indoors without causing a fuss by getting bee-themed tile, such as NAPOLEON.


3. Tile to Infinity & Beyond

Bringing the look of space to your room with tile is cool…but wouldn’t it be cooler to bring yourself to space instead? Believe it or not, those little hexagons covering the outside of this rocket are all small pieces of tile, meant to shield the rocket from heat on re-entry. We don’t sell these (yet), but as soon as design is a consideration for the homes of colonists on Mars, you can bet that we will try to find a way to elevate an already very elevated space. 


2. Pet Approved


When summer rolls around and the heated floors are turned off, your furry friends will sprawl out and relax on the coolest and most hygienic flooring option. Dogs practically (and sometimes literally) jump for joy at the thought of not having to lay on carpet anymore! Just look how happy our mascot Tessa looks!


1. It’s not carpet!

Say NO to rugs (and carpet)! If it's the look you're after, use a rug-free alternative such as CRASH. It's too cold on your feet, you say? We have underfloor heating for that, bringing you the toastiest toes this winter season.


I hope by now we've convinced you that tile is cool, whether you're an Astronaut, Rockstar, James Bond, Austin Powers, or just an ordinary person who isn't a popular Halloween costume. 


Austin Meyer