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Indoor Plants & Tile - Architessa

The last few years have given us all good reason to fill our homes with plants. This newfound hobby to lots of newbies became so popular that plants quickly became a hot online commodity. Anyone who is familiar with online auctions can tell you just how intense the final minutes of bidding can be -- but who would have thought that houseplants would join the likes of rare collectibles, automobiles, and fine art. A recent online auction ended with one bidder exceeding $25,000 for a houseplant!  Although the trend has peaked now that inventory has stabilized, plants will always be popular given all their benefits. Not to mention, everyone loves the color green!

Here are some great benefits of plants and a photo of my family's favorite, a Variegated Euphorbia Ammak cactus we named Eustice.

  1. Improving your mood
  2. Reducing fatigue
  3. Lowering stress and anxiety
  4. Improving office performance and focus

         Source: Swanson Nursery


Variegated Euphorbia Ammak "Eustice" 


Some plants are easy to maintain, but others can be a chore. If you want to get into the craze, but are not ready to really commit yet, check out your local plant social media groups. You can learn pretty quickly without putting hardly any effort into learning. I recently hosted a plant swap from my driveway and invited the community to attend to trade plants, cuttings, seeds, and pots. The event included free cuttings for kids and we gave away plants to folks walking by, as well as a bulk amount after the event, donated to the local Hospice Op-Shop. When not hosting plant swaps, a lot of my plants and cuttings are traded with friends. Hobbies are typically more fun when shared with a friend. 


Devonport/Takapuna Plant Swap Event Offerings, Oct 2022


If you’re here just for the pretty plant pictures, check out this article by Architectural Digest. If you’re already riding the plant train and ready to take it to the next level, consider these beautiful Botanical and Organic Tile Collections that will never wilt under duress. Here are just a few of my personal favorites from this collection:

Architessa Jungle Collection


Architessa Flora Collection


Lauren Liess for Architessa, Habitat Collection


Custom Mosaic by Allison Eden Studios (Inquire for info)


Architessa Batik Collection

These flora & fauna inspired collections won't filter your air like your plants do, but they are easy to maintain and clean. Some of these collections are rated for floor traffic, which means they are great for pets as they won't scratch and are a cool surface to lay on.

To see more great options check out our Indoor Plants and Tile Pinterest Board.

If you want to ease in and take the practical approach, start with a basil plant that lives in your kitchen. Who doesn't love fresh basil in their pasta or on a slice of pizza?

If plants aren't your thing, they make great gifts for every occasion and many online stores will ship them for a reasonable fee. Plants are my favorite thing to gift and can easily be re-gifted when unwanted. I recently shipped my sister a Tradescantia zebrina Quadricolor for her birthday. If you have pets, always check on your plant varieties, as some can be dangerous if munched on and certainly don't belong on pizza.

Tradescantia zebrina Quadricolor, Source: Pinterest 

Tile is a great flooring option for plant lovers & animal lovers alike because it is more eco-friendly than alternatives such as linoleum, hardwood flooring, and carpet-- ensuring that our beloved plants live as long as possible and have an easier time cleaning our air. If you're looking to take the extra step and use tile with recycled material, check out our 10% Recycled Content, 20% Recycled Content, and 40% Recycled Content collections.

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