Tile Trends We Saw At Coverings 2024

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Tile Trends We Saw At Coverings 2024 - Architessa

Coverings 2024 in Atlanta, the premier tile trade show, once again unfolded as a vibrant showcase of the latest innovations in tile designs, natural stone, and installation technologies. With hundreds of vendor booths from around the globe and thousands of attendees, the event promised a fascinating glimpse into the tile industry's future trends. Our team traveled to the show in Atlanta, not too far from our showroom in the area, and spent the week admiring the newest tile & guiding some of our local designers around the venue.


Anticipated Trends: What We Expected to See


Before stepping onto the bustling floors of Coverings 2024, we looked at what we should expect with our Product & Merchandising Manager - Shanta Peru. She observed that the tile industry buzz suggested we would see a strong presence of Fluted tiles, a continued use of Checkerboard and patterned tiles, the timeless appeal of Travertine tile, and a continued rise in the popularity of Zellige tile.


Reality Check: Trends on the Show Floor


Fluted Tile: Meeting our expectations head-on, fluted tiles were a highlight of the show. The range of materials—fluted marble tiles, fluted ceramic tiles, wooden slatted tile, and even sandblasted tiles—offered a rich texture and visual depth that attracted considerable attention. The innovation in textures was impressive, reflecting a broader industry trend towards dynamic, tactile surfaces.

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Checkerboard & Patterned Tile: Contrary to our insight, checkerboard patterns were not as prevalent.  On further reflection, it's important to highlight the large role that checkerboard design plays in anchoring a design.  With this in mind, t's no surprise that factories did not include these in their booths as to not detract from their latest and greatest launches. However, those checkerboards that we did encounter were far from mundane. We saw a refined use of materials like marble and interesting color variations, especially in creams and reds, which brought a new life to the classic checkerboard design. Despite the infrequency of this trend, the quality and creativity displayed were exceptional. Notably, there were a few installations that managed to effectively highlight the versatility and aesthetic appeal of checkerboard tiling, though they were fewer than anticipated.

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Travertine Tile: You couldn't walk more than 10 feet without seeing Travertine tile at Coverings. This material is undeniably experiencing a significant revival, with its presence felt throughout the venue. The lighter shades, in particular, were dominant, blending classic and contemporary styles seamlessly. Vendors showcased a broad array of applications, from flooring to decorative accents, underscoring Travertine's versatility and timeless charm.

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Zellige Tile: Surprisingly, Zellige tile was less represented than in previous years. The varieties we did see, however, broke the mold with innovative shapes and textures, indicating a subtle evolution in how designers are using this traditional material. While the selection was limited, the examples on display were a testament to the enduring allure of Zellige in modern tile work.

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Unexpected Discoveries: Trends That Surprised Us


Green Tile: Despite industry leanings towards peach and warmer neutrals, green tile made a bold statement at the show. The variations were particularly striking, from pastel hues to grungy greens, showcasing a fresh and diverse approach to using green in tile design. Jewel tones were less common, with most green tiles leaning into a more muted approach. The textured finishes, which included styles reminiscent of Sukabumi or Suki green tiles, suggested a robust interest in eco-toned aesthetics.

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Cotto-look: The abundance of terracotta and Cotto looks at the show was another surprise. Exhibitors displayed these materials in a plethora of applications, each more creative than the last, demonstrating the versatility and enduring popularity of these earthy tones.

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Wood Wall Slats: Echoing the fluted tile trend but with a distinct twist, wood wall slats were prevalent. This design element attracted a lot of interest for its natural aesthetic and the variety of textures and finishes available, pointing to a growing trend in organic materials. Some of this trend we saw were actually 24" or larger linear mosaics, while others were porcelain field tiles with notched surfaces, where grout sits on top and creates a seamless tiled design.  With wooden wall slats and vein-cut travertine being so popular, we must ask ourselves—is Mid-Century Modern making a comeback?

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Porcelain Slabs: Slabs were bigger than ever this year - shown in numerous materials, textures, designs, and applications. But none were more prominent than porcelain slabs. We saw new designs & new technology - including 3D textured slabs and through-body porcelain slabs with through-body veins.

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Wabi Sabi Mosaics: One unexpected trend that we saw prominently at the show was these incongruent mosaics that leave extra room for grout to fill in the gaps. We recently released a mosaic that falls into this category called KALIP. We expect to see this trend continue to expand and evolve, much like the Zellige tile that is fundamentally resembles.



Coverings 2024 offered a compelling mix of expected trends and surprising new developments, reflecting the dynamic nature of the tile industry. While some anticipated trends didn't materialize as expected, the new directions we observed underline the industry's innovative spirit and adaptability. As we look towards the future, the insights gained from this year's show will undoubtedly influence design choices and industry standards, continuing to shape the aesthetic and functional landscapes of built environments around the world.

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