Week of September 28th, 2020 – Coffee Shops and Café Aesthetics

Week of September 28th, 2020 – Coffee Shops and Café Aesthetics - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

The weather around the DMV is getting chilly, which means you’re either shaking your fist at frosty mornings or ecstatic to be wearing sweaters again. Whether you like or despise the dropping temperatures, they bring an array of Fall traditions and moods, including Autumn favorite: The Pumpkin Spice Latte just in time for International Coffee Day on September 29th. Even if the PSL isn’t your thing, the Fall provides us with an opportunity to turn on the fireplace and embrace some cozy vibes.

This week’s top 5 design posts focus on cafés and coffee shops around the globe, highlighting design talent that makes for an aesthetically pleasing place to sip your caffeine, however you may take it. Drop your favorite coffee order in the comments below, and buckle up for a trip around the world as we explore some truly amazing destinations for a cup of coffee!

1. Aesthetically Pleasing Coffee Scenery

Six bakeries and sweets shops with delectable interiors, Dezeen

The hustle and bustle of some big name coffee shops out there make you wonder how people manage to accomplish a task on a laptop while the barista butchers the names. Coming from Dezeen, our first article highlights 6 bakeries worldwide that display stunning design schemes, soothing colors, ergonomic furniture and displays, and an overall sense of "ahhhhhh". You know what we mean.

Check out Masa in Bogota, Columbia, with "exterior and interior walls featuring textured concrete. Wood-clad walls, cabinets and seating offset the rough material, along with muted terrazzo floors." Terrazzo? Sounds like this cafe belongs in our 70s design selection as well! Let us know your favorite design-savvy coffee shop featured in the comments below.

2. Modern Coffee Shop Designs

12 of Our Favorite Modern Coffee Shop Designs Around the World, Architectural Digest

Combining modern design into a high-functioning space such as a coffee shop can be a challenge, which is why Architectural Digest highlights 12 of their favorite "modern coffee shop designs", featuring a truly stunning display of imagination, creativity, functionality, and modernity. Noorderparkbar in Amsterdam has to be our personal favorite, as it's unique stand-alone design blends right in with the modern and progressive city Architecture. Another worthy mention is Don Café House in Zona e Re Industriale, Kosovo, as its unique plywood booth-design emulates a giant baguette, and looks very fun to sit in!

3. Coffee Shops for Design Lovers

The World’s best coffee shops for design lovers, Wallpaper*

We chose this article from Wallpaper for its attention to detail, and how they capitalize on some of the smaller design aspects that often go unnoticed, but provide and create that ultimate sense of chic design everyone craves. The Swan Cafe, located in Cape Town, boasts stunning tile work that blends in extraordinarily well with the blue wallpaper, and boasts a warm and comfortable feeling perfect for a cafe. On the contrary, Pastryology in Port Rashid, Dubai shows off their selections of pinks and whites, proving you don't have to keep it traditional with darker color cafe-schemes, but keeping it light and airy also is stimulating for the customer. Having additional outdoor seating is always a plus as well. Let us know your favorite modern coffee shop design scheme in the comments!

4. Outside-the-Box Coffee Shop Designs

11 Unique Coffee Shop Décor Ideas, UpServe

Getting creative with their picks, this article serves up 11 sub-categories of unique and outside-the-box cafe and coffee shop architecture and design schemes. From DIY coffee shop decor to ideas for your hipster cafe dreams, there's inspiration for everyone's inner barista. Our favorite might be the "Funky" Cafe Decor Ideas, as it opens the world of creativity, allowing the user to create their own unique space while still blending style with functionality, and not being too overwhelming. Another notable mention is "Parisian" Coffee Shop Ideas, as shown in the picture above, as there's nothing quite like imagining yourself sipping on your favorite coffee while on the streets of Europe at a tiny wooden table. Let us know your favorite coffee-shop design idea, and get some inspiration on maybe building your own "coffee corner" in your house!

5. Pop-Up Coffee Shop


Interior designer Sasha Bikoff had her hands full with this already busy space - the famous Rose Club of Plaza Hotel in New York City. The pop-up is the first of its kind, and was open for a brief stint before its closing in March 2020. Unfortunately, you can't experience this majesty in person, but pictures almost do it justice. Her inspiration comes form a few angles, as she states, “Immediately when I walked in the café I loved the European and classical elegance to it, but I knew that it was also supposed to be a jazzy, colorful place to enjoy music." She kept true to the theme and utilized pink and lavender color schemes to accent the wood paneling, and used old and new fabrics to go along with the unique architecture of the space. Read all about her vision and how the space came to be, and let us know your favorite part of this one-of-a-kind pop-up in the comments below!

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